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Bits and Pieces My insights on the world. Not very smart insights, but they're here just the same. Things about me and some things that'll make you think, "Too much info!". Just my days, what I think, possibly stories/poems and random thoughts.

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Minor Job Issues
Today wasn't awful, but it was weird and mildly disappointing. Like, I brought a banana pie flavored yogurt to work. I was really looking forward to eating it, but when I went to grab it during my lunch break, it was gone. Someone at school stole my goddamn yogurt! I couldn't even believe it at first, I rechecked the fridge twice in case someone moved it or something, but it was not there and I was so upset sad All I had to eat was a granola bar.

Then, after my lunch, it was my girl's lunch. I supervise in the lunchroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays (the other 3 days I do recess). I saw her come in. She stood next to her friends' table and they motioned for her to sit. She stood there a bit longer, set her tray down, and left the lunch room. Well, first off, you aren't supposed to leave the cafeteria without permission. Secondly, I was worried. Like, my job is to keep her on task and get her assignments done, but she has other personal problems plus she's just a really nice kid and I can't help worrying about her. So I follow her. And she's at her locker. I ask if she's ok. I can tell she's mad at me and she says she's fine, but doesn't move from behind her locker door. I ask if she just came to grab something. She angrily says yes, grabs a granola bar, slams her locker, and walks toward me. I tell her she has to ask before she goes somewhere because we're responsible for her and I was worried about her. She says she just wanted to be alone and gets frustrated with me when I try to explain why I can't do that. We start walking back to the lunchroom and she's still frustrated and starts crying. I don't know what happened with her friends, but I know she got scratched somehow (I'm not sure if she tripped and they made fun of her or if they accidentally did it) and she didn't want her friends to see her cry, so we ended up having her eat in a teacher's classroom. It was fine. I tried to cheer her up and the rest of the day went well, I just felt bad. Like, I don't think what happened was a big deal, but she was so embarrassed and upset about it and I couldn't convince her that it wasn't a big deal, I could only wait for her to forget about it. And that's frustrating for me, because I want her to be happy. I don't want her to get so upset about stuff like that. And what makes it worse is that I'm actually trying to be a bit meaner to her, because she gets upset too easily a lot of the time and I need to help her get over these problems, not coddle her. But that's hard for me, too. I've never wanted to intentionally make someone feel bad, even if it would help them in the long run.

I don't know, it's weird. Oh, and we got audited today, but they literally watched us in the room for a minute and then left. I don't know what they can possibly get from that, but that was all there was to it.

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