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The Mumblings of Random Mind
My Journal will be about my year back home. MOstly what i think about, seeing as my town is a quiet one and that most of my friends are away studying or working. That Could mean, a lot of my online life could be displayed here, zOMG, LoL, ect.
The Dream

To be honest it was more of a nightmare really. A disturbing one at that. Well lets get to it...

I was restless. I got to bed past 12, so you could say his all happened this morning.

I fell asleep, but found myself awake in an upright, legs cross folded, position on my bed. I found that very odd, as i pulled back my blanket and crawled in under it. Something like that has never happened to me before, so my mind was troubled as i drifted off into the realm of dreamers... emotion_drool emotion_zzz

I was in a large room. It looked like an american highschool gym class. It was raining, from the muddy green i saw briefly through the window, it was clear we were in a forest of some sort... That or someone had a really big garden.
Apart from myself there were about 20 other people, all dressed up in lab coats. Some looked okay, other wore expressions of worry, other had swollen faces and cuts, like they were beat around pretty badly.

For some reason i helped a man n his late 30s to the bathroom. Now i cant recall who helped me with him, but whoever it was, its clear that it was a girl. The bathroom, was much like the showers in american highschools too. (too much movies i guess emotion_yatta ) We left him there alone. ill get back to him.

We returned to the gym, only to find the place in a complete state of chaos, to be more accurate, the lab coat wearing people were gone, in their stead, the chairs and benches they had been sitting on, were thrown aside as if by some great whirlwind. Also, great splashes of blood covered almost everything. At the end of the hall a man screamed.. I turned and watched as he was, well torn in half at the abdomen.

What stood their in the mess, was a man, eyes blood shot, they iris turned a pale and sickly yellow (what you'd imagine vomit to look like emotion_puke ) His hair had all fallen out, apart from a few clumps, and his body had become festered, rotting in places, while the untainted skin was riddled with black stripes. That i assumed was his veins. My accomplice and I, watched on as the creature devoured the remains of the labcoat man, well we watched until it turned its attention to us.

We both ran, bursting through the doors to the outside as the blood curdling scream.. ( scream seems off, it was a scream, but it seemed more like a gurgle mixed with the mad ranting of a monkey and the college "CHUG CHUG CHUG" chant... emotion_eyebrow well whatever... i was running) of what i immediately assumed was a zombie emotion_zombie echoed through the gym hall behind us.

We ran past trees, never looking back. Mostly because whatever that zombie was, it was faster than us, we could hear it closing in on us. AND FAST. emotion_0A0

I looked around as a cold hand closed around my wrist... The zombie had me in its grips.. And just as his mouth streched wide open and started to embrace the upper half of my face, my accomplice shoved a large stick right through its ear... i couldnt really tell though...I was just glad to be alive.

Thats when i left my body and started dreaming about the man we left in the bathroom. emotion_bigvein I know right?

Anyway, this guy was taking a shower, but unknown to him, two zombies were just outside of his shower cubicle waiting for him. emotion_facepalm
Strangely though, one of the zombies managed to blend in with surrounding, becoming partly invisible, i dunno how it did this, but it did. This particular ninja zombie also seemed to study the man as he showered, The other zombie seemed to follow the orders of this ninja zombie... btw, these zombies are naked.

As soon as the man turned off the taps... the two zombies attacked him. The ninja tore his arm off as the second one sunk its teeth into his neck, pulling away a large chunk.

at this point, my accomplice and i burst into the bathroom. I was equipped with a stick now as well. The normal zombie my accomplice defeated easily enough. I though, managed to only anger the ninja zombie when my stick was lodged into its neck... and it went i so deep, that it protruded again out its ribcage, the sound was sickening, and the smell of whatever was inside this creature was even worse. emotion_puke

As i stepped back the ninja zombie dropped the arm and went for me. As it grabbed me, i pulled out a pair of pliers from my pocket... And rammed it into the zombies lower jaw repeatedly, digging deeper into its flesh, as my accomplice.. ( bless this woman emotion_brofist ) held its head back with much effort and screams of " KILL IT" or "HURRY UP" escaping through her clenched teeth. Somehow, i hit jackpot and the zombie died on us. I must have hit the brain.

Before we could celebrate, the man we came to save now stood before us... Looking every bit as sickly as the 3 zombies we just killed. emotion_donotwant
My partner was winded and i was on the floor, so neither of us reacted quickly enough as the zombie punched through her chest, pulled her closer and tore her lower jaw off as she screamed for help. emotion_0A0

I didnt dare take it alone, i took my chances on trying to run, i pushed the ninja zombie off me, and bolted for the door, only to stop in my tracks. All the labcoats were back. Only they were all zombified. And they stood there, watching me. as if they were expecting me to make it out. sweatdrop

I was then turned by the shoulder to face the man we took to the bathroom, it was a forceful turn, and i was able to experience the gruesome festering of his flesh and blackened blood and blood shot eyes at point blank range. And thats...

When i woke up. emotion_kirakira

Thank You for reading. And yes, this was really a dream. gaia_nitemareright yum_puddi gaia_nitemareleft

Stale Ace
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Stale Ace
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    Community Member

    Wed Apr 16, 2014 @ 05:08am

    eek weird.

    Stale Ace
    Community Member

    Wed Apr 16, 2014 @ 12:44pm

    It was downright scary. emotion_facepalm

    User Comments: [2]
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