Its a big big day i get to see a nice art show and its my first time. I must be sure what im going to ware. So im going shopping to fine a new dress... I cant wait because i have some of my art being shown... biggrin biggrin biggrin

Spring is here now im just waiting to see some flowers to add some color in to this drab world. Before we know it the trees will start to bud there greens, and the grass will turn green too. I cant wait to see the baby animals they will be seeing the world fore the first time. I am so happy that the winter season is finally over.

Easter is coming soon as well. You know how that is hiding eggs and seeing other peoples expressions. Im going to hide treats all around my place for my dog. After she fines all of those then we are going to get dressed up and hand out some choc eggs. I have some friends with kids and im going to go and help hide eggs for them you know how fun that us to be right. Now i do know that easter is not all about choc and its supposse be about some guy who rose from the dead. OK but now if people were going to toss the Easter bunny then how wood you celabrate that day. Spread some red jelly in the grass and tell the kids its Jesus blood and at the end that find a Jesus choc..... ya not very fun ..... How ever you decide to spend that day have fun and eat lots of choc