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sora wonk
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We had a tenant named Wallace. My mother kept laughing at his name. In Chinese, Wallace is pronounced "Wo la shi" and it means, "I poop."

I ran out of my room and I meowed and I saw my roommate's girlfriend brushing her teeth. Dammit. I blame my roommate and my cousin for tolerating my meowing. I must stop.

But then as I was tying my shoe, she farted a really loud wet fart. It was amazing how her tooth-brushing intensified.

So I guess we're even ^^

It seems to me
Some people feed on knowledge. They gather as much information as they can and this makes them happy.

Some people feed on excitement. They go on roller-coasters, they bungee jump, they skydive and this makes them happy.

Some people feed on attention.

Some people feed on sensation. They enjoy the finer things in life--food, sex, luxuries. (Irrelevantly, stolen from a cool person on the internet: "I can't envision any seduction scenario that doesn't involve my freaking out and escaping through a window." wink

Some people need friendship and love and social support most of all.

There are probably more kinds of people.

I live on emotions. I love strong emotions in stories, in movies, in life. If it makes me cry, if it makes me happy, if it makes me angry, some part of me really enjoys it and I seek it out. That's why I enjoy tumblr so much. I read the news to feel things; I like personal stories that I can relate to. I confess I got into a lot of arguments in LD because I liked feeling angry and then it calmed down and I got bored. Every crush is devastating.

But I don't want to feel anymore. I just want to be cool and calm and collected instead of mood swinging like a crazy person haha.

Today I woke up early to do a psych experiment for money and I saw this girl right that I don't know but have a crush on based solely on the way she looks and acts

and I realized she is probably from a broke as f*ck family as me and maybe I was just attracted to the red sweater she wears every day and her unstyled blonde hair and how we were both not American fairytale kids

But it's painful and pointless to feel so strongly. I do this all the time. There are so many people I love haha

I'm just thinking about the people I talked to on ED back in the day and how they are all gone. I miss Captain K Rool? I can't remember if that's his name; he was f*cking awesome. And Willow's gone and Kali-la-Fae who told me about drugs was that her name and there was one guy that everybody liked and I don't even remember his name. His avi was a cowboy and his signature always had movie quotes. I never talk to CH1YO anymore.

All these wonderful people I will never actually get to know.

And I never respond to messages on time because I worry about getting the phrasing just right.

This is why I say I don't want to fall in love anymore. I just want to get married and get this over with lol

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