Where the ******** were you when I was all alone?
I never used to think that you would let me die alone!
Now you got me thinkin hard.
Wishin I could play "God"
Thinkin in my head, as your body turns to red.
I wish I could forget it all.
I never ever ever ever ever would have let you fall!
Travelin at a ******** crawl, attemping to forget it all.
Blunts to the head, as my mind plays grateful dead.
Wondering again why you wont stay out my head!
Why don't you just get a gun and put it to my ******** head!?
If you truly hate my guts so much, why don't you just cut me up?
I wish I could just tell you that I truly love you dearly.
I'd hold you in my ******** arms
Still wishin I could move on.
Baby your dead wrong.