Losing all my friends to METH
Really is a quickie death
Shots to my forehead as I try to rest my head.
Wishin I could go to bed.
But instead she's in my head.
I wish that I was f*ckin dead!
Put your pistol to my head!
Wish you would, but know you wont!
So instead, I'll grad your head
Pistol whip you into bed!
Show you how it feels to have a pistol to your head!
This is how you make me feel.
Wish I could distinguish real from what's spinnin through your head!
I wish you'd just come back to me,
This isn't how it has to be!
I love you oh so desperately!
I wish I could remember the way I used to be.
Back when it was just you and me.
What are you afraid of?
Maybe it's the thought of true love, baby what you thinkin of?
I would never leave you and I will always love you!
I wish that we were close again.
I need you in my life to win! Here we go again.