April 10th, The Wind

Hello again. I doubt there anyone reading at this point. But if you are, thank you yet again.

I awoke this morning to a most dreadful sound. The sound of the East Wind. Now normally along the coast we have the gentle and appreciated sea breeze, but the East wind is entirely different.

It comes down from the mountains, it gathers dust as it enters our desert, and along with that it gatheres heat, its like the heat you get off standing in front of a tumble dryer. hehe. Not to mention visibility becomes close to nothing with all that sand flying about. If youre in school, you'd be dared to brave the great East Wind by staying outside all of recess. (it can be fun out in the wind)

That is the nature of this damned wind i hear knocking at my window. Asshole.
Apart from that, a friend of mine and his girlfriend are coming down this saturday. The girlfriends grandfather has passed away and they're attending the funeral.

I hope this isnt too hard on her. I dunno what i would do if i lost my grandparent.

But not to end off on a bad note!!! I collected my Specs yesterday and they're perfect. Ill upload a picture once I find my camera... it tends to wander sometimes, hehehehe.

So, thanks for reading. Please continue to do so. And feel free to ask any questions. G'day, G'night and have fun.