*~*Jewelled Eden*~*
Love a word used lightly, but no one realizes that it means so much
Love is that unique feeling of success when you know that you have found the right one
Love is that center of serenity when your heart has taken it's last blows
Love is that sea of calmness when you think that no one else has ever wanted you
Love is that soft caress against your face when small likes have back lashed
Love is that sense of purity when all other thoughts have meant nothing
Love is that forlorn surrender when the walls of rejected immunity has given up
Love is that nature of surprise when you thought you knew what was coming next
Love is that targeted direction of peace and longevity
Love is that guardian angel of hope when you thought that all else was lost
Love is that sensation of warmth that passes through you like hot chocolate on a cold winter's day
Love is that caregiver of strength when the heart felt weak and fragile
Love was that feeling that I never thought I could have
Love was that feeling that I never thought existed
Until now.....
I love you.