I had good weekend. Today is going okay, just a bit rainy...okay Really rainy. It was pouring down so much I doubted it would end at all.Any ways, I've been on a little hiatus from Gaia, good to drop by. I know I love an interesting discussion, so pretty soon I need to make some alluring topics to get more talking goin in these forums more often. I've made one forum topic, and sponttaneously from time to time someone leaves a comment. Wish there was back to back dialoge but hey, I'm glad that some people shared their opinons. Hmmmm...I may just plan out my topics and post them all at once, and I want to give making polls a shot. Suprisingly I don't know what I could post for a poll. I'll figure it out though.

Back to my weekend, I had a good weekend. I got to see the buddy ole pal-- my Mani! The date wasn't entirely a smooth sail, buti t was still nice, and at the end of the day, I got to see m-lady. It would've sucked to have made my trip from my university all the way to my parents house just to have to reschedule. ...man....talk about feeling good. Can't wait to see what this week presents. biggrin