I feel strange about being here.... It's been years since i've been here. Last time I was here, I believe it was spring break. I was with my girlfriend Kathy, and we were staying at some dingy, dirty motel.
As we went over to the bridge, all those memories came back. Ones I had forgotten. And I don't know if I like it or not.
It's like I locked those memories of her away with this place, and I feel very uncomfortable being here. It's like all the love I had for her was left here, and i'm wading through all those teenage emotions again. A proper analogy would probably be that Galveston was my closet, and the shattered remains of that relationship was the skeletons. It's kinda surreal being here, I didn't think i'd ever come back to this place- not that I never wanted to come back. I keep thinking that one day i'd like to move here, but then I start to slow down- and I reminisce about past loves. I don't know what feelings I have while i'm here, besides uneasiness- which is the most prominent. I regret coming here a little, but this is a much more beautiful place than it was when I was last here- shortly after the hurricane.
Yeah, I wish I never came here- there's just too much I remember.of this place. It just makes me think too damn much