Well, I made the mistake of getting into the religion and morality forum. Not that I don’t enjoy talking there, it is just very draining to do so. It is a good place to go to observe different religious people and non-religious people interact though. Considering one of my writing projects has several different religions in it, it is rather helpful to me.

Hmm… I’ve got about an hour until dinner, but not much to talk about… Lets see, I was thinking about a movie earlier, well, I still am. More specifically, one scene where this woman was in an art gallery and looking at photographs that were hung up. She stopped at one where one man was pointing a gun at another, and another woman came up and asked the first woman “Which would you rather be?” The movie over all wasn’t particularly deep, but that one scene is very thought provoking. On one hand I wouldn’t want to die, on the other I wouldn’t want to kill someone. The scene has been stuck in my head all day. I thought writing about it might help it go away. Not working so far… stare

I’m not sure what else to say. Not much went on this week. Actually, so little happened that I don't remember most of the week. Meh.. Maybe I’ll do better next week.

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