Well tis spring now, and what a grand spring it is thus far. Many things are awakening once more; from the bee's and flowers, to the tree's and reptiles. Like I said, things be awakening, including me god forsaken allergies. These allergies be quite strong and active this spring making it quite miserable fer me. Now I enjoy nature greatly and hell I go on long walks down a creak just to enjoy nature, but me allergies makes it difficult to do so. But on thee bright side me allergies are beginning to slowly weaken! Bwarharharg!!! Tis a goot sign indeed; speaking of signs I'm having a quite ominous feeling that there this year shall be a bad hurricane season. I hail from Katy Texas which is near Houston, and I was here whenever Hurricane Ike hit. Now I'm somewhat seeing signs from thee weather thus far thats just telling me that there shall be another storm from nature hitting here in thine future. It was defenitly an experience to ride out a hurricane I must say, a chaotic and adrenaline pumping experience fer me it was. Alas this spring so far be a wonderful and lively one fer nature, but not so lively and wonderful fer me accursed allergies! Bwaagghhhh!!! scream