RPC origin story.
Over the years, since I have had this account, I've had a substantial amount of name changes. It has confused people. I have chosen my 2 key names that most people identified with and have given them a bit of background. We'll start with my current name.

Major Beckett:
Originally known as Johnathan Cross Beckett/ Lord Konahriik.
Johnathan Beckett (Commonly called "John", or "Cross" wink is a 40 year old Major in V-Corp. His history is pretty brief. He began on Earth, being a sergeant in the Marine Corps, though, after earning the rank of sergeant, he was transferred to an unnamed task force. His only real crowning achievement is being promoted to Major. He's sarcastic, but at the same time, serious. He takes his job seriously, and is loyal to his leader. He also possesses a small amount of kryokinetic (Ice Manipulation) powers. He changed his last name after he turned 20, not wanting to have anything to do with his father.
He has two unnamed children. 1 girl, and 1 boy. Both by unknown mothers. Both children are M.I.A.
His father is Dante Frost and his mother is an unnamed civilian, both dead.

Dante Frost:
Originally called Emperor Dante Frost/ Frost Sigma/ Midnight Alpha.
Dante Frost is the biological father of John Beckett. His backstory is somewhat hellish. He was orphaned and adopted by the Frost family at a young age. He was adopted mainly due to his kryokinetic powers (inherited to him by his mother). He was named "Emperor" of the ice kingdom in which he lived on an unnamed planet. However, this kingdom was destroyed. He has two siblings. An adopted sister, and an adopted brother. His adopted sister is a full blooded ice adept, and his adopted brother is a full blooded darkness adept. His father was Alexander Van Helsing IV and his mother was yet another unnamed civilian, both dead.
Dante is currently K.I.A. He was murdered by an assailant.

Alexander Van Helsing IV:
Possibly the most infamous of my RPCs, Alex was interesting.
He began as a civilian. His backstory is unknown. He was connected to the Crimson Red Empire. He met the original leader, Vousk, and kinda fell in with the troopers of CRE. He met and (sort of) befriended a few members. He watched the fall of the guild, Storm of Murder Mafia, and also watched the (somewhat) fall of CRE. Before the last month before the hiatus of CRE, he took a shot to the head by an unnamed and unknown sniper, thus, killing him. Until he was somehow revived by an unnamed doctor and turned into a psuedo-super soldier. He was then shot in the eye by presumably the same sniper, though it only took his eye. After CRE went on hiatus, he left the guild and proceeded to live a normal life. He was nearly killed AGAIN by a car bomb, which again, was left presumably by the sniper. Eventually, he died when an assailant (NOT the sniper) stabbed him in the chest. He would have survived, but the knife broke in his chest as he tried to pull it out, and somehow was pushed into his heart. He also belonged, as his last name suggests, to the Van Helsing family, who were glorified monster and demon hunters.
His only child was Dante Frost.
He had an unnamed wife who was a full blooded kyrokinetic. She was burned at the stake for being an elemental adept. Her executioner, ironically, was a pyrokinetic. He was executed shortly after by being drowned by an aquakinetic. And the aquakinetic was electrocuted to death. Not execution, she was actually on her way to the electric chair and was struck by lightning.