Stone -Chapter 2
March 4 2014
London, England

Dear Bree ,

I apologize for the fight we had a few days ago. I know you are probably still mad at me for not telling you about being adopted but dad said that it was for the best. The reason I can't tell you this in person is because of stone angels. These are no ordinary statutes sis and they are the reason the postmark is from London. I was touched by one of them and sent back to the year 1950. I eventually joined a group called UNIT and did eventually marry. I want to see you again sis, and enclosed is a plane ticket. I don’t have much time left and an very sick. When you arrive call the number enclosed and someone will be there to pick you up. I’ll try my best to answer the questions you might have for me.Please forgive me for what I said. I promise you that I'll help you find your parents.

Love you lots