((Oh hai refference for the main character! Bam!))

Kin was looking over her bag, making sure she had packed everything she would need. Clothes, two potions, five pokeballs. "Bulba!" She heard, looking over to see her Bulbasaur waiting at the door, just as excited as her.

"I know Markus." She said assuredly, with a crooked smile. "But let me just finish this, and we'll be ready." Finally the light ray haired girl knew she was done, and placed the messenger bag over her shoulders. As soon as she opened the door, Markus was quick to rush out the door and down the stairs. The two of them were going on their own pokemon journey, along with their next door neighbor, Avvik, and his charmander.

Her parents gave a bittersweet good bye, before going out. Kin's Bulbasaur was excited jumping around. As she was walking away, she noticed Avvik. "I was wondering when you'd come out." She smiled sheepishly at the comment. "Sorry, had to make sure I had my map and everything."

Avvik nodded his head and remarked. "Well, before we leave, maybe we should have a battle." "Bulba!" Markus seemed to be fine with the idea.

"Alright, let's go Markus." She said, as Avvik called out charmander. It wasn't much of a battle, a tackle here, a scratch there... finally a critical hit tackle won the day. "Haha, awesome!" Kin said in victory. It didn't take them long to heal, and then go on route one.

"Okay, let's see if we can be lucky." Kin remarked, as they walked through the tall grass. The two trainers found a flock of pidgeys and bulbasaur and charmander worked together to catch two.

"Yesssss!" Kin said, holding up the pokeball with her pidgey. "You will be called Andrea." And she called out the pidgey.

"Are you sure, she seems kind of weak." Avvik remarked with concern.

"No, it'll be fine." She said, encountering a second pidgey. It would have been an easy fight, if the wild pidgey didn't have malicious tendencies. All it took was a critical tackle, the sound of splat, and much to the horror of the two trainers, there was no more Andrea.

"... Don't even... start..." Kin remarked, giving Avvik a look.

Realizing that he was in hot water, Avvik looked to his Charmander. "Come on! Let's get out of here!" And started to run off to train both charmander and pidgey.