During the time as Oni took the child into his life he has found a living quarters to take care and Nurture the Orphan child as he is Loyal to his word, the promise to the mother of the child, and after all he always wanted to live a normal life.

A few years past as he raise the Little girl up living in the city of California, teaching her the ways of life and also was there on the first day when she gone to preschool, he treated the little girl like his own blood but now as the proper age comes around for her is the day she start's high school.. her first day!

Iris runs downstairs from her bedroom while her long brunette hair waves around in her mad rush of getting ready for the first day of High school, Trying to pick a dress.. maybe a accessory or two... her ruby eyes race to kitchen to find something to eat before she goes off to school.

She find an apple to munch from the bowl of fruits from the table. As she takes a few bites of the apple: she shouted for her daddy. Iris:" Daddy!... Daddy are you awake! It's my first day we can't be late!" yelling for Tran as in the rush from the excitement for her first day! but with the boundless energy stored in her tiny body, she didn't wait for her daddy to respond, she jet out of the kitchen to his bed room that's like next to her room upstairs.

Finding a Black Skirt that's school requirement in inches that Her daddy bought for her for the new school day while on her way to his room as it was on the couch beside the stairs, she slips it on, quickly ran up the stairs and barge into his room!

She look around in his Oddly empty room with only a dresser drawer, two very old looking swords, and a picture book but then her glaring eyes spotted a pile of flesh snoozing away on the bed that's on the floor, this has always been odd to her as everyone else slept on beds that is support by wood, Iris,"Daddy... get... up!", With a leap at his direction kneed him into the belly as he shot awaken as the air was forced out of his lungs.

Looking up at the sixteen year old child that he raised his anger for her settled down and looks up at her with some curious eyes.

Iris:"Daddy! did you forget what today is!?", Looking at him with her normal pout face as he remembers this face she made when she was little. Tran shrugs as his arm stretches out to her head as his fingers rubs the tip of her head, "No, my child, I haven't... today is your first day at school".

He realize that she's only in her black bra with only her skirt on; as his crimson eyes look at her, reminding him of the past when she was so little, "Daddy!", he awoke from his trance and gets up.

His Stature is few feet higher than his child as he seem to be well toned for a normal human, brushing his mid-long silver hair from his face as he looks for a pair of glasses that he swore in his mind it was right next to him.

She runs off to get fully dress as he's awake now, having a normal teenage body-tone and she's a bit smaller than normal girls for her age made it seem that she's a bit fragile to him. Winking the sleep from his eyes while moving his body in a up-ward sitting pose. Brushing the hair out of his eyes while parts of his body seem to be a sleep still.

Stretching from the last-night sleep as he looks for some clothing to drive her to school in. Tran:" Her first day at high school... what a age I live in" chucking about of a thought about his past as he explore the room to find a full black formal wear. While walking up to his dresser, finding his outfit, his hand pats on the left-chest pocket his fingers found the pair of glasses; just in the deep part of the pocket.

Hearing her calling his name, didn't question how they got into the pocket, walk down stairs to see her in full high school clothing. A white blouse mix with the black skirt with a gold trim as her long hair is pulled into a ponytail made her look more professional than he thought. Iris:"I'm ready... Let's go daddy! You're being too slow again!" He chuckles and nods in agreement.

Opening the door as he steps out into the bright and busy world moving his hand in a gesture to the child to follow him into their car.
Chapter 1: Done.