After I got out the car, I quickly made it inside the hospital within a minute. I'm just surprised paparazzi hadn't made their ways over here yet. They've been lagging on getting information right away; but I guess that's a good thing.

Soon as I was walking up to the front desk a red-head quickly sprinted towards me. "Len Kagamine! You must be here to see Mr.Shion." She gave a slight smile as she place a visitation sticker on my sweater. "Now if you would follow me to the emergency-room elevator, I'll take you to see him." I couldn't help but feel a tiny bit happy.

I limped all the way to the elevator with her and took a step inside. After she came in with me, she quickly pressed the button with the number three on it; and with that the doors closed as it began to move us up. "Dr. Haku should be up there running a few more tests on him. As always I must tell you to not yell, shout, have your phone-ringer on, and not move his head. If there are any questions regaurding your friends condition or when he is able to leave the hospital, please ask Haku. I'm sure she will provide all the information to you." She grabbed my hand and escorted the both of us out the elevator and made a few steps down the hallway.

Within a minute or two we saw a Doctor standing in front of a room writing on her clip-board. She had long-white hair and crimson eyes; just like the Detectives partner , Dell.

Right when we stopped next to her she fixed her glasses and looked over to me. It was then that the red-head bowed to her and walked back to the elevator. "I'm afraid you can't go in till they're done doing the second blood-test. So why don't you stand with me and talk for a bit, Len." She then laid her hand on my shoulder gently.

"H-How is he doing?" I pipped up. She doesn't know how much I want to see him right now; but she probably could because here I am at the hospital in the middle of the night with a fractured ankle. "Will he be able to come back home?"

It scared me a little to see her smile fade. "... Your friend is going through a serious comma right now. These type of commas are quite rare, and I find it unfortunate for this to happen to your friend. We ran multiple tests on him, andare continueing to do so." She the turned me around to face a window. My eyes widened once I saw Kaito lying there in a medical-bed with two doctors surrounding him. "Approximately twenty minutes before you showed up he went through what we like to call a ,`Phantom'. His upper body jerked up as well as him extending out his arm to grab something. It gave me and a couple other collugues quite the scare." "He was having a seizure?!" I interuppted her as I paniced.

She simply shook her head. "No. A Phantom is often described as a limited sleep-walk. Only difference is that through studies, it's him going through a loop of the scene where got injured. This is both dangerous and helpful to both us and him." Both of us turned to see the doctors walk out his room. "Now that they're done; care to go and see him?" She walked over to the door and held it open for me.

I didn't hesitate for a second once I quickly made my way inside.

As we both came in, she closed the door behind her and followed me towards Kaito. "K-Kaito..." I couldn't control my voice from how broken it sounded, so I held his hand gently and stood there in silence as I took in the scene before me.

"The more Phantoms he have, the higher the percentage is for him to respond to our therapy; thus having him wake up." Before I could sigh in relief, she said, "But there's always a catch to things. The parts where his body relive the part he gets injured can injure a part of his brain that will cause him to lose all of his memory. ... In some cases, even forget to breath. Think of it has a fifty-fifty chance.-" `Nng!' Both of our eyes widened once Kaito pulled my arm at full force over to him. He wrapped his arms around me in a protective way and had one of his hands hold onto my head with a strong grip.

"He's going through a Phantom! Len, I want you to stay calm and don't move in his grip. Stay relaxed until it's done.-" "... He's reliving the p-part where he protected me." My eyes stung as I cried into his chest. I don't mind having to stay here like this, I really don't. "P-Please wake up." My voice quivered as I whispered to him.

I'll stay here every single day until he wakes up.