here i am on a weekend working on a lesson plan.

it's all because of this special english class they told me i had to teach. i wasn't really asked. i was expected to teach it, and they're all like 'you will make more money.'


the book is too advanced for these kids. honestly.
i was shown 2 books. looked at the one, and determined it was too advanced - it was teaching things that 5th graders learn (and these kids are in 4th grade.. just beginning their 2nd year of school English instruction).
but this other book isn't much better.

some of my 4th graders can handle it, but the others can't.
so i'm forced to simplify the text. and to explain EVERYTHING.
so i'm making ppts and trying to break everything down into smaller segments to teach so that the kids can handle the text.

my co teacher saw right away in the first class together how this book is way over a lot of their heads.
but he's asked me to be the one to simplify the text.

actually he was late to the first class! he was over 10 minutes late!
it's not his fault. he's the broadcast guy. he takes care of all the school broadcasting stuff (those announcements in the morning etc) and they had him doing broadcasting stuff until then.

i bet he's too busy to really bother with the class. but he was probably asked to do this with me. i'm glad i'm not alone at least. but it sure would be nice if he could make some of these materials.
maybe i should start talking lesson plans with him. see if he has an interest.

the kids were really patient with us considering the material was too hard for a lot of them. so i'm hoping to make the class something they'll enjoy and actually benefit from.
it's going to be interesting to see what happens.