- - donations and gifts

This is the most updated list. The old list can be found here. That one won't be updated anymore.

Thank you to everybody! <3
I've done some fixing up to this list here and there and will be further organizing this sorting business sometime.
I've been kinda bad before at keeping track of this thing so if I missed you then please let me know! I'm a lot better at organizing this nowadays so it shouldn't be too big of a problem from now on. :3

* denotes a charity

Iron Chef Toran Itugo - 20,000g
Phantom_Muz - Tokens
Jernni - Olive Loose Cotton Cargo Pants

raikoutheuke - 999g
Lelouch Of Za Muhon - 1645g
rainbow-xox - 300g

xX_chezza_Xx123 - Random Junk
rainbow-xox - Junk & 300g
horen-so - Drop Blood Brooch

Pretty in Pink Charity - 10,000g
Dandoon123 - 20 tokens
experiment_nana - 4444g

Kloeee - Kitty Slippersx12
(An Anonymous User) - G-LOL Dark Dollie Shoes
Garage* - 80000g, Koi, Spartan Queen, Solar Headdress, and a load of other stuff

Wind Chii - Moon Lantern
Korreh-kun - Gimpi 9th gen.
Viatrophy - Lex's Dark Shorts, Wind Halo x2

Punkin Avis - 1000g
Aphrodisiac Love - Elegant Black Satin Coat
TwilightSkylene - Lex's Blue Shorts, Blue Workjeans, Elegant Black Satin Corset, Loving Heart Mood Bubble

Aihari - (Jun 11, 2013) - Dexterous Marksman

Miss-Kyra - (Sept 3, 2013) Blue Retro Astro Skirt, Blue Retro Astro Top, Blue Retro Astro Corset
lilgemangel - (Sept 8, 2013) Friendship Pendant, Mokona Hat

TheGazSpaz - (Oct 27, 2013) Ship Captain

<Anon> - (Modmas-ish) Fiery Crimson Glamorous Pumps

lilgemangel - (Mar 17, 2014) [Animal] Frostee Treets Choco Coco Dreempop, [Animal] Nutty Caramel Apple, Femme Fatal

Aihari - [Animal] Ice Husky Fur, [Animal] Corgi Fur, [Animal] Black Tabby Cat Fur
Heartless Romantic Anon - (Apr 15, 2014) - 2,000,000g
Toriki-chi - (Apr 29, 2014) Cutie Catcher

<Anon> - (Nov 3, 2014) Sinful Spice

TBA (SS, Dec 09, 2014) - Seracila Pendant, Lovely Lady Soldier Wasabi, Dark Lady Soldier Sake
Little Dead Soldier (Dec 20, 2014) - Silhouette of a Vintage Hare
Sierra The Captor (Siren’s SS, Dec 24, 2014) - Rosamund's Passion
<Anon> (Dec 24, 2014) - Persephone's Return
Dana C Scott (GJC SS, Dec 24, 2014) - Malice Punk, Checkered Nightmare
<BC Fungi Anon> (Dec 25, 2014) - Orange Toadstool Transparent Umbrella, Forest Mushroom, Orange Toadstool Rainhat

Dec 2010
WaterEvidence - Neon Core
The Alchemist of Ice - Distance Rod
Sweetange - Gilt Thorns
-endlesslovers/xhaleycakes - Head of Night, Opal Borealis
TwilightSkylene - Winter Snow Flake Sweater, Winter Green Snow Sweater, Felicia's Graceful Gown, Purplemarine UpsideDown Boots

Dec 2013
anon - Lovey the Dove, Water Splash, Maltese Tigress, Blu Water Bands, Redd Water Bands, Water Puddle, Surplus water canteen Green
Kitty of Christmas Cheer :33 (anon) - Egyptian Gold Armlet
starzxnight - Water Sash
badtzmaru - Sweet Mistletoe Cupcake
Indexes - Festive Peppermint Cupcake
GJC SS - Firebreather
Super Secret SS - Card Captor Shinigami, Cybertronic Layer, Airship Attendant
BC SS, einmyrin - Shade the Baby Dragon
BC anon? - Forest Mushroom, Orange Toadstool Transparent Umbrella
anon (B.E.) - G-Rave Belt
Burn SS (little_kiwis2) - Fox Ears