I need advice.
As you can tell I am pretty desperate for asking advice on Gaia.
My friend, Amy, is a really self-centered butt face and she likes to talk about herself and her life and stuff mainly about her. I've tried telling this to her in a kinda curve ball-ish way by asking her what she knows about me since I rarely talk when we are together. She didn't get the hint ; -;... My mother has noticed this too and is tired of seeing me get pushed over.( or so she says ) I want to tell her but the thing is... I walk home with her sometimes and I drive to her house to drop her off because she has no one to pick her up. And my brother and sister dislike it when she talks over them in the car. She's talked over my parents too... ( she is kind of big therefore doesn't like walking no offense ) I do love her as a friend but I hate how she is constantly talking about herself. I wanna tell her but in a nice and decent way. I don't want to be a jerk and just say shut up you talk too much ( although I was close once ) I just need advice
I need help.