First idea is I'm a girl scout (age up to you) going door to door selling cookies when I finally come to your door. What I failed to notice was the registered sex offender sign in the front and when you see me, you can't help but revert to your old ways and take advantage of my innocence to have some fun. And being generous you would extend the fun out to some friends which is optional.

Second idea you play the b*****d child of my noble father and me, his legitimate daughter. You live in service as my help and one day after taking my abuse so long you finally snap and decide its time I come off your high horse by losing my purity to my b*****d half brother.

Last idea is I end up in a forest as a princess separated from her guards and in this forest exist creatures that don't get the honor of seeing many human females such as werewolves and orcs and when they discover me they give me the experience of a lifetime.