Hello circle lens lovers!~ emotion_bigheart
Today I'm writing a review (as well as other numerous reviews! emotion_sweatdrop ) about the popular Princess Pinky Twilight Brown lens. I stumbled upon these lens while looking for gold-ish colored circle lenses for my Popstar Ahri cosplay I came across a thread linked to Cosplay (.com) about these remarkable brown contacts that make even the darkest of eyes a lovely gold color as I continued my search I heard nothing but remarkable things about these lenses so I was very interested in buying them. I also came across two others which were Fairy Cherry Brown and Berry Dolly Brown. After seeing all the lovely reviews about these lenses I decided to buy them! emotion_c8

I purchased these lenses from PinkyParadise(.com) which sells Anti-Geo fakes. c: I normally buy my contacts from KoreaBigEyes(.com) due to them being cheaper and having slightly better deals compared to other sites but seeing how they didnt have the brand I was looking for I had to make due with paying more. The contacts had cost me $28.90 and shipping had cost me $6, so in total I had paid $34.90 for a pair of lenses! emotion_jawdrop That's the most I've ever paid for circle lenses! I thought maybe it would be worth the money especially when I got them.
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(photo from Pinky Paradise)

When I received my contacts I was super excited! When I opened my package there my contacts were as well as a cute animal lens case!~ I was so happy about my investment!....Until I tried to put the contacts in. They were very difficult to get it which was a huge surprise seeing that I normally have no problem putting circle lenses in my eye. When I finally got them in they were very uncomfortable and burned the heck out of my eyes for a very long time emotion_8c not only that but they moved around in my eyes as I wore them. emotion_donotwant All in all I felt like I wasted my money and should've gotten one of the other brands. I'm sorry for the lack of photos but I was in so much pain as well as disappointment that I didn't even want to take a photo!

yum_strawberry Super bright for dark eyes
yum_strawberry Shipping was pretty fast

emotion_bigvein Burns the your eyes like chestnuts on an open fire!
emotion_bigvein Moves around in your eyes as you blink
emotion_bigvein The cost of them was crazy!

All in all I give Princess Pinky Twilight Brown two stars out of 5 emotion_donotwant
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