Hey, is this thing on?
Yeah. Okay. Um...

First and foremost, I'll be honest with you. I just really wanted to view and stalk other users' journals but whenever I try to click everywhere journal related, I always seem to end up at that page where the site asks me to make a journal and post an entry. So I figured, uh, what, is this a requirement or something?

Then ta-dah, here I am hopefully fulfilling that.

If the title isn't clear enough, I've decided to bore you with tales about my first days of getting lost here on Gaia. (Literally. I have an amazing zero sense of direction and zOMG brings out the best of that innate useless ability. I spent hours running around this fountain/well and beating up gnomes- am I supposed to beat them up? Oh god, I shot some guy with wings; I don't know if I'm supposed to shoot him- and just when I'm about to find my way back to some dude who gave me this task or something; cannibalistic, flying, gift boxes drop out of ******** nowhere and start attacking me. The next thing I know, I'm half dead and lost again. It's a cruel, cruel world.)


So far so good. Or awful. I don't really know.

Basically I'm like a fish flopping around, suffocating and helpless with no way of telling if I'm closer to getting thrown back into the sea or shriveling up to my inevitable death.

I came from otakuzone, if anyone is familiar with that other site. It basically offers the same entertainment as Gaia. Too bad it got shut down though.

Anyway, so I come here, aching for another online community like how an amputee aches for his missing limbs. I wasn't really taken with the avatars at first to be honest. It looked different from what I was used to and the features were too pixelated for me. (Another reason why I insist on a social networking site where I can dress up avatars is to have basis for avi arts, see.)

Exasperation seeped in. The task of building new roots, familiarizing myself with new rules, new functions, new guilds, new communities... it all seemed so tedious at that time. I was taking my second semester in college and the work just swamped me. A few hours after registering, I went LOL NO KTHX BYEEE. That's the conclusion to my first attempt at Gaia.

Well two days ago (or was it three?) I felt that phantom pain of a missing... something again. Coupled with deadly boredom and the possibility of heatstroke, I scrounged the nets desperately to find something- anything!

Then I remembered Gaia and I thought, to hell with it, pixelated or not it's better than nothing. So I took the plunge and made this account that you now see me running around with all over the place like a headless chicken.

I've clicked places.
I've tried:

-zOMG (Crappy internet connection so even though it was pretty interesting I had a hard time actually identifying what the hell I was doing. Plus I still have zero ideas on what a guild is supposed to be. Yeah, okay, that might be entirely my fault 'cause I'm too lazy to read guidelines. I'm so sorry.)

-Forums (Now this is a familiar place. Whenever I join sites like these, I always end up lounging on the forums, spending most of my time there. But it would be more fun actually knowing people and carrying conversation with them though.)

-Shops (I must admit, I'm still reeling from the confusion of clicking everywhere to get items and such. It's a different format to what I'm used to. And the gold. Oh the gold. Sobs. With a whopping amount of 3k, my finances seem like negative currency here on Gaia.)

-MyGaia (I have edited my profile and my avatar. TBH, I'm not really that keen on editing online profiles.)

With regards to making friends, I'm as slow as a turtle. I skirt around other people and do some lurking. I'm not really good at establishing connections. :/


There you have it.

I do enjoy Gaia. Very much. Despite the issue I've often read in the forums about some sort of inflation in the product prices, it's still cool. Going through the familiar motions of customizing my avi and responding to ideas and comments on the forums is a breath of fresh air. I missed it a lot.

Hopefully, the longer I stay here, I'd get comfortable with the site and make some chicos and chicas.