The Solemn Tears Of A Soul (Bloodlust oneshot)
by Eternal Euphoria
The bar’s silent atmosphere lulled Fenris Alchezki into a rather calm and tired state as his finger ran along the edge of the thick wine glass slowly and thoughtfully as everyone else around him were in hushed conversations. Rain pattered outside like the thunder of applause of people at the end of a drama. It tapped hard on the roof of the tavern as well, he nuzzled deeper into the warm comfort of his cloak and watched as the fireplace cracked merrily back at him. He sank deeper into the cherry wood chair and gazed into the shadow admitted by the candles that flickered lightly on the walls.
Normally, Fenris wouldn’t allow himself to sulk like a child; he shook his head and snarled as someone stumbled towards the table in attempt to either start a fight or conversation, he couldn’t be bothered at the moment for either.

“I drink alone,” he made the point final by sticking the tip of his shimmering dagger firmly into the thick, sticky wooden table.

“Nobody should drink alone,” the man smirked and stumbled towards Fenris a little the intense smell of alcohol ran off the man in large waves.

“Nobody should stink as bad as you either, yet here you are,” he snorted pulling the dagger out of the table wagging it around, “Go. Away.”

The man watched the dagger for a few seconds, his brain finally spinning like a broken wheel on a bumpy road. He finally took the hint to heart and stumbled towards the next table to annoy the adjacent people.

Fenris wanted the man to stay, deep down in the recesses of his mind, but also didn’t want to deal with the stupidity of a drunkard. If there was one thing that he hated, it was being alone, even though there were a lot of people around him, he still couldn’t help but feel alone. Something was missing deep down inside of him. He leaned back once again in his seat and tossed the dagger onto the table. With a sigh he looked back at his wine glass watching the burgundy liquid sparkle off the little bit of light that decorated the table. For some reason it reminded him of something, but he couldn’t remember completely. Several times he thought that he was on the trail, but at other times it was as though his mind was rejecting the advances, he would get headaches, or quick pulses of pain that ran through his head just long enough to redirect his thoughts.

It was at that moment that the bar door opened and someone quickly stepped in, putting down the hood of their cloak with a quick shake. His blue eyes listlessly looked over to the door, wondering who it might be. Familiar hazel eyes, dimly visible, locked onto him and started to move towards him without falter.

Juin, a good friend, stopped in front of the table and crossed her arms over her chest with a sigh as she watched him. Her brown hair was soaked, despite the hood, and matted to her face firmly as she gazed at him; clearly she was less than impressed with his sulking face as he looked back at her.

“What are you doing here?” her voice was just as amused as her face was.

Fenris picked up the glass slowly and drained the rest of it in a gulp, “I’m thinking, can’t a man do that?”

“Not you,” she tapped her foot on the ground ignoring as men watched her from all angles.

He let out a snort slamming the glass onto the table, “And why not? You don’t think I can?”

“No I just don’t think you should,” she responded dryly, “I’ve another mission, another vampire.”

The air around them was quiet for a moment as he thought it over before standing up slowly with a sigh grabbing his dagger, “Very well, let us just go then. Let us get this over with quickly so I can return to my drinks.”

He laid a few coins on the table before casually grabbing his dagger and following her out into the rain, slipping his cloak up over his head. It was fairly normal for vampires to come out when it was a rainy night, it blocked any ‘grave dust’ smell that dogs would pick up and become alerted to, it also clouded the eye sight for humans, letting them get closer faster. Fenris tucked his arms into his cloak firmly; one was resting on the dagger at his waist. It was where his hand always rested when he worked, other than that though, his body was completely calm. No vampire was too difficult for him to handle, they were all fairly weak younglings that barely knew what they were doing. Vampire hunters were far from just normal humans; they used vials of special quite unknown brews of liquid that enhanced their abilities, putting them at almost equals to the vampires.

After several moments of walking he felt Juin’s eyes on him, without looking he shook his head, “What is it now? Do I have something on my face?”

She narrowed her eyes a millimeter then looked back ahead before speaking, “Something is off about you tonight, if this is a result of your thinking I don’t want you to do it anymore…”

He smirked and looked at her, “You can’t stop me from thinking, but I’m over it, I’m focused, let’s just do this I hate getting soaked.”

Juin turned to look at him once more, seconds passed then she looked away again, leaving whatever she was to say in her mind. Together they turned into an alleyway, despite the rain; there was a faint copper smell in the air. Blood, they both knew it, they pulled their weapons of choice out and continued forward slowly. To be able to smell blood, even in the thickness of the wind and rain, meant that there had to have been a murder close by, they couldn’t save whatever it was that was killed, but they could get revenge by killing the vampire. The light became less and less help as they moved between the buildings. Darkness enveloped the ground, leaving them to hunt by sound.

“Stop,” Fenris said calmly stopping quickly, “A body, there.”

He pointed as Juin stopped; she carefully stepped over and felt the body with a calm hand, “Still warm, he is near then.”

Sliding her hand back into her glove she pushed herself up against the wall and continued. Fenris followed, not bothering to use the wall as a guide as he continued, he closed his eyes allowing his ears to show him where the vampire was hiding. In the middle of the rain he could hear it, the tapping of shoes against the stone ground. It was getting slightly louder as they continued, so it seemed they were walking towards each other. Opening his eyes once again he looked ahead, red eyes gleamed back at him from the blackest parts of the alley.

Fenris gripped the dagger harder as he watched the crimson eyes stare back at him, narrowing slightly before they slid out of the shadows with great speed. There was a lack of footsteps as the vampires speed was so great, that he lacked the need to touch the ground; with a single bound he was almost upon him, the blood smell growing intensely stronger. Fenris swung the dagger in an arch creating a bubble of safety around him as the vampire stepped back, his teeth growing out more, resting calmly on his bottom lip as he watched his target.

“Weak human,” the vampire hissed out flicking his matted wet hair out of his face to watch Fenris closer.

His fingers tensed up as he swung for the blond once again. This time however, Juin had made it to the fray, her crossbow making a loud twang she let loose a bolt. At the last second the vampire heard the noise quickly moving out of the way, the bolt slamming into the brick wall to the side of him hard enough to cause sparks to fly. Fenris heard her swear calmly under her breath as she pulled the dagger back out swinging it towards the blood soaked blur as he dove for her. Not in the least phased by the movement she stepped back opening up more room between them. Quickly the vampire moved in, his main weapon only being his nails and teeth. The rain came down a bit harder, as if cheering them on to victory, the clouds making the sky darker, as if the night wasn’t dark enough already.

Gripping his own knife harder he raced towards the exposed back and slid the knife down, slicing firmly into the vampires back. He released a howl out with a loud hiss, turning his body around quickly his fingers clasped firmly onto Fenris’ neck without faulter.

“You will die first!” he started to close his hand into a fist.

Air began to fight to get into his body; he kept himself calm as he watched the glee on the vampires face. He knew he could get out, that wasn’t a problem, he began to bring his dagger up as the vampire’s grip, for some reason or another released some and he was brought face to face with the now severely confused looking expression. Their eyes locked for a moment as they both tried to figure out what was going on exactly. Fenris began to bring his knife up again before he was thrust closer to him. A deep intake of air was heard as he was sniffed like a dog to a tree; he growled and shoved at the vampire breaking his concentration. There was a shake and a growl as he was brought up to his nose again, moving his face and lips slowly over Fenris’ neck, the forced intimacy was starting to annoy him more, it wasn’t the fact of it being a male, it was more so that it was a vampire and someone he hardly knew. He could quickly feel his anger rising as he was sniffed once again.

“Get away from me!” he shoved back at the vampire breaking the hold and tumbling backwards away from him.

Fenris rubbed at his throat as his body celebrated with a deep intake of breath once again. His eyes became more focused as he continued to rub at his throat glaring at the vampire. Instead of seeming angry though, the vampire watched him with confusion, and it seemed if Fenris read the face right, a little bit of fear.

“You smell of an elder…why do you smell of an elder?” rather than continuing his attack he started to pace around Fenris, watching him intently his eyes not blinking once as he watched him closely.

“Why what pray tell? Why do I smell like an elder? You are speaking of a vampire? I am a hunter,” he answered the question with a sarcastic tone as if it was completely obvious why he smelled so, “I kill them, just like I’m about to kill you, youngling. So shut up and die.”

“You shouldn’t be alive if you have come into contact with an elder…” he continued to speak as if he had said nothing in the first place to him, stalking him like an impatient leopard his red eyes almost cat like as he watched him.

The rain began to slow down some, though all three of them were clearly soaked, their cloaks were beginning to weigh them down the more they stood there. It didn’t seem to bother any of them, all intent on each other. Juin had taken the moment to reload her crossbow and carefully took perfect aim at the vampire.

“Enough of your talk, I’ve not been near an elder,” Fenris gripped his dagger tightly almost feeling his knuckles pop, “And if I was I would kill it just as I am killing you.”

“You smell like…” his eyes widen and he dropped his composure completely as he took a step back from him, “You smell like T-“

He was quickly cut off through a glowing bolt piercing through his chest and firmly into his heart. His eyes widened more as he dropped to his knees; still, they never left Fenris’ face. Whatever he had discovered shocked him completely, not that he would ever know now, he looked at Juin as the vampire dropped to the ground with a loud thud, turning into dust, which was quickly rubbed away by the weak wind and rain around them. Shaking his head he walked over to the soaked pile of remains and kicked them, exploding the dust all over his boot and thickly into the air for moments before the rain washed that too out of the air.

As if the weather was tied to the vampire, it quickly began to stop, becoming a slow drizzle as Fenris once again looked at Juin, who had already put her crossbow away and bagged the heart calmly.

“You could have let him finish his sentence,” he sighed watching her.

She shrugged calmly and started to walk out of the alley, he followed her slowly as she slide her dagger away into its sheath.

“Does it matter what he said? Utter nonsense, it’s just taking up more time for us, the more time we waste the less that we are paid. Come, let us get something else into your body besides wine,” she continued walking as if it was just a peaceful stroll through a garden.

“I could have killed him, and I’m not ready to go eat, nor do I wish to, I want to go kill another. I don’t care if we aren’t ordered at the moment. The night is still young, let us go find more before they kill another innocent.”

That caused her to stop as she slid the bag away on her person before she turned to him, a firm look to her eyes, “You are not well tonight, I do not know what is up with you, but clearly you have had too much to drink. You are too devil-may-care with yourself tonight and be damned to anyone that tries to stop you from recklessly getting yourself killed or maimed! You are not immortal Fenris, you are human, human, I don’t care what you take to give you a boost from Ruby, and at the end of the day you are human!”

He watched her narrowing his own eyes; she narrowed them just as much watching him without falter. Perhaps she was right, not that he wanted to admit it, but he had a lot to drink tonight, normally he wouldn’t have slipped up as much as he did tonight, even though it was such a weak target it got ahold of him, it touched him. Silently surrendering to her words, he continued walking ahead of her out of the alley and into the street, few people were still walking around, they looked at him briefly then bowed their head before continuing on their way. Vampire hunters were greatly trusted and with good reason, nobody wanted to die, especially to a vampire.

Together they continued walking, not saying anything for quite a while. He was angry, but at the same time, didn’t want her to leave his side. The feelings in the tavern started to bubble up once again to the surface as he watched the ground. He hated the feeling of being alone, even if the person was still angry with him, at least they were there. It was something that was rather hard to cover, but he had managed to do so for several years.

He shook his head, beads of water flicking off as he did. Still, what was that vampire going on about? He didn’t recall being around an elder, at least not recently. There was no way that any of the past vampires he was around, were elders, they were far slower than one, and not as bright. So why is it that he said that? A vampire’s nose was almost if not better than a canine’s nose. They could smell what normal people could not. Was an elder vampire stalking him? This was something he had to uncover at some point.

Then something sharp poked him firmly in the side and he was stopped as it plucked at his cloak guiding him in a different direction. Looking up he noticed that he was in front of their normal eating tavern; she shook her head and pushed him inside with a firm shove.

“Stop it Fenris, I mean it. Whatever you are thinking about drop it and focus on eating.”

“Yes mother…” he watched as she quickly turned around and watched him.

“If it comes to that yes,” she started walking again, “It just means that I can hit you and get away with it.”

He snorted and continued walking; the bar was full of the normal customers as well as a few new ones. Some stayed in the shadows watching everyone, the paranoid and the wanted, but none of that mattered to him. He wasn’t a bounty hunter; they could continue to do as they wished. Their secrets were not his for the taking. They took their normal table and sat down. Unlike other places, this one was rather special. The menus were carved into the table to avoid further costs and kept the waitresses from having to walk around so much. Some called it laziness others called it genius, to Fenris it was a very small line that they were generously tip toeing across. Still, it didn’t bother him and he gazed over the menu with little curiosity. After a few moments Juin waved one of the waitresses over and they ordered their normal specials.

“Now,” Juin tapped on the table to get his attention, “Tell me what is on your mind…”

“I’d rather just keep it to myself,” he watched her with boredom.

She sighed once again looking around the tavern exasperated, “Of course you don’t want to, you never talk about anything that deeply affects you, it’s starting to make me crazy how you are acting tonight. A child that isn’t getting what they wanted. But if you really don’t want to tell your best friend then fine I will drop it.”

“Thank you,” he didn’t continue the conversation and looked everywhere but at her.

They sat in silence for the rest of the time till their food was brought over; the waitress staying just long enough for their plates to hit the table before running off once again. It wasn’t the best place in the city for food, but it was great in terms of price and location. The food wasn’t that bad either, neither of them objected when they came here.

Fenris quietly started to make his way through his food, Juin finally locking eyes once again with him. He sighed and continued eating trying not to start up conversation once again.

“What the vampire said is on my mind right now, if you truly must know,” he looked at her finally giving up.

She watched him for a minute before stabbing something on her plate with her fork and putting it in her mouth, “You know he was barely a youngling, just a baby. How would he know what is an elder and what isn’t hmn?”

“Perhaps his sire or his mother, however he came into this world, I’m sure they don’t just thrust their young out into the world without any knowledge Juin,” he shoved a piece of meat into his mouth chewing slowly as he eyed her.

With a graceful shrug of her shoulders she speared a honey soaked carrot and pointed her fork at him, “You don’t know that and I don’t know that, I’m sure he was just trying to distract you and it seems he did a good job of that.”

“Still,” he took a gulp of the warm mulled wine beside him, “I wish you wouldn’t have killed him; crazy nonsense or otherwise.”

She shrugged again and shoved the carrot in her mouth without another word; the tavern was quiet as everyone let the wine wash over their pains and problems of the day. Fenris still felt rather odd about everything, not sure why his mind was teasing him so completely today. Something was going to happen, he could feel it in his bones and even now with so many people around him he still felt alone. It shook him to his core as he continued to make his way through his meal. He could feel his heart start to beat faster; quickly he gazed about the room making sure that nobody noticed his quicker breathing and rapid heartbeat.

It seemed like everyone else, including Juin, was absorbed in their own problems for the evening. He confused completely on breathing and nothing else. The need to calm down was the number one problem right now; he didn’t want to have yet another pestering conversation with Juin. Fenris closed his eyes and focused on smells and the quiet noises, rather than everything else. Slowly he relaxed again, his muscles calmed as he looked at his food once again and started to eat. Even though everything was calm once again however, his stomach was it knots, he couldn’t explain why.
If it wasn’t one thing it was another, this feeling still wasn’t going away.

Quickly he stood up and looked at Juin as she looked up at him, “I think I am going to go home, I stink and I’m cold. I’m going home to take a bath and sleep off this wine.”

She nodded solemnly, “Remember what I said about thinking too much, don’t do it.”

“Yes, I’ll be fine, honestly,” he dropped a few coins on the table and stepped out.

The rain had gone, but the wind was still blowing around, a cold draft moved around him quickly causing him to pull the cloak tight around him as he walked down the cobble road towards his own place. Nobody else was on the street around him, the lamps were lit by the town guard, but still, even after the rain stopped nobody dared step out this late at night. Fenris clutched at his chest as his heart picked up once again. This feeling was over powering him, he was starting to feel dizzy, and the corners of his vision were beginning to turn dark.

“You shouldn’t be out here this late by yourself,” a voice calmly spoke behind him.

Quickly he turned and looked behind him, a cloak blocking the body and head, the light hitting him just so that he couldn’t tell even if he knew the person.

“I’m not afraid of the night, why shouldn’t I be out? I fear nothing that could come at me,” he slid his hand over to the dagger sheathed at his side.
Gray eyes observed him calmly from the comfort of their own cloak for a minute before sliding down his body to where his hand rested, “You should feel no need to do that, I mean you no harm.”

“How…Vampire!” he pulled out the dagger and pointed it.

“I won’t harm you, I wouldn’t dare do so,” he continued to speak so calmly it was as if the vampire was singing him a lullaby in his head.
All of the remaining tension slid out of his body like water down a stream, he watched the other man with confusion, this was a vampire, why was he so at ease. He forced himself to tense back up as he bared his teeth at the vampire.

“I don’t believe that for a second! Be gone if you mean me no harm! I have no time for someone such as the likes of you,” Fenris stepped towards the taller figure.

The figure sighed, as if dealing with a fickle child and shook his head, “Now Fenris, stay calm, I mean you no harm as I said before, but I do wish to talk to you.”

“You know my name too? Who are you? How do you know my name?” He pointed the tip of the dagger at him inches from his throat.

The threat still did not register with the vampire and he continued to watch him with cool calm gray eyes, “We have met before, you just wish you did not. It is…rather complicated. Perhaps you would like to go somewhere and talk about it.”

“You are an elder vampire aren’t you? The lack of fear, the attitude, I will not go anywhere with you, I don’t trust you and I don’t know you, I don’t care what you think or do not think I know. I know enough that you are nobody I wish to be around.”

Without letting the vampire utter another word, he turned and quickly wandered off down the road. There was something oddly comforting about him, but it was a vampire, one that his body seemed to know but his mind did not. Perhaps he should have stayed, no, he shook his head and snarled, what was he thinking, there was no way that he would go back there and talk to him.

“But then again…” he turned around to look at the man one more time.

There was nobody there, no sign or sound that he was even there to begin with. Shaking his head again he turned and continued home clutching his chest, alone, alone again. He was alone once again. A great vampire hunter like himself was afraid to be alone and comfortable around an elder vampire. Was he going mad?!

The stairs creaked loudly as he made his way up to his small house, he was hardly home and thus never truly needed a lot of space. Shoving the door open as he twisted the key he poured into his house and shut the door behind him leaning on it. His eyes closed as he took in a deep breath and listened to the silence around him, it was like death. It was permanent always around, it existed eternally. Tears trickled down his face as he bit his lower lip slamming his fist against the door.

“Damn what a child I am, being so afraid; I hate this feeling, why does it rock the pits of my soul so hard?”

Pushing off of the door he stumbled through his house, blindly walking towards the bath. He decided the best way not to panic was to instead distract the mind with small chores; he drew himself a bath and began lighting a few candles around the house as he walked from room to room. After all of that was done he quickly peeled off his clothing and stepped into the hot water. His muscles again relaxed at the feeling of the warm water against his flesh.

A sigh left his lips and he sunk in to enjoy it for a while. The aches and pains of the day were once again washed away as he cleaned himself off slowly and carefully.

Stepping out as the water was starting to grow cold he wrapped a robe around his body and traveled to his room. Not caring about anything else he just wanted to go to sleep, where his fear of loneliness was drowned out by his dreams. He slipped under the covers, pulled off the robe and enjoyed the feeling of the sheets against his bare skin. The wind howled loudly banging on the window.

At least he wasn’t completely alone; the silence was now replaced with the loudly protesting wind. It didn’t take long before he slipped into sound sleep.
But it didn’t last very long.

His body relaxed as he felt himself lulled slowly into a calm sleep, everything spun around him slowly as he floated in the nothingness of his mind.

Then Fenris found himself walking a boardwalk over crystal blue waters, the night sky was clear and glitter with stars like it was salted in diamonds. The waves crashed silently against the posts holding up the boards, but made no sounds as they did. He could almost smell the spray of the mist as he arched up and trickled in his face, tickling him gently like a feather. There was nobody around, nobody on the land, or the boardwalk.
He was utterly alone.

His chest tightened up once again, how could he enjoy a beautiful scene if he was completely alone? This is what he went to sleep to avoid! Let something chase him! Try to kill him! Give him a past lover! A quick pulse of pain shot through his head as though an arrow went through it, clutching it, he felt to his knees and whimpered. It was unbearable, something that he had never experienced in his life.

Then there were footsteps on the planks, he sat his head up and looked around. There was a black figure walking calmly towards him, not in the least phased by him crumpled on the ground, eyes tearing up like a child. The figure stopped in front of him holding his leather gloved hand out. Words were whispered but none of them made any sense to him, everything was muffled by the intense silence around them. He tried to move closer but still heard nothing as he did.

His eyes squinted to try and see the face of this cloaked person, suddenly the sound of waves crashing to the shore rang in his ears as if he was sitting inside a large bell as someone rang it over and over again. The sky became blood red, the sea also turning a crimson color as he watched it; the smell of blood strongly hit his nose as if someone had hit him. It was becoming too much for him and he quickly buried his nose, still trying to get a look at the strangers face. Then something flickered from the sky and lit up everything, cold gray eyes watched him back. That vampire once again, why was he in his dreams?

Fenris stepped back and growled; he didn’t want this kind of company after all. Vampires only brought one thing, suffering, though deep in his heart he couldn’t help but stare longingly at him.

That quickly changed however, after the vampire started to whisper again, this time blood poured from his mouth like a river, his eyes crying red tears. Every orifice of his body began to bleed as he continued to step towards him; his head burning like it was stuck with a hot poker. He couldn’t move, only watch as he got closer and closer.

Fenris sat up with a gasp looking around the room quickly as he pushed himself to the corner of his bed clutching his chest. Why was it that when he was feeling lonely he couldn’t help but think of vampires? He couldn’t handle it anymore, the soul piercing loneliness, the despair that ran rampant through his dreams; there was no safe place for him.

Wiping some cold sweat off of his face he sat up and leaned his head on his arms as they lay resting on his knees. He couldn’t even relax in his favorite places in his dreams nothing was sacred right now. He focused on his breathing as his heart fought to stay in his chest. Without realizing it, he felt his body sway back and forth, as if trying to rock him into a calm submission. But nothing would work; he still felt everything rapidly picking up. His breath wouldn’t calm, his heart wouldn’t slow, and the tears wouldn’t stop.

“I hate being alone, I hate it, stop it, I’m fine, being alone is nothing,” he tried to talk his mind down, “A walk then, I will go for a walk until my body can no longer stand. I will go see Juin, even though I don’t want to hear another speech from her.”

Carefully he started to push himself off of the sweat soaked bed and to his somewhat stable footing. He pulled some new, less soaked to the bone clothing, before grabbing his dagger and walking out the door, locking it behind him. Walking down the old stairs slowly he leaned on the railing, still trying to calm the attack. He was outside, someone had to be somewhere, he thought to himself; so he wasn’t alone, once you were outside, you were never alone.

Stepping foot into the loose gravel he closed his eyes and took in one more final deep breath, “Get over it mind, I am truly not as alone as you think I am.”

Trying to ignore the panic attack completely, he looked about his surroundings. It was almost early morning, a couple of hours and the sun would be up. He heard crickets chirping loudly in the grass, and owls hidden within the confines of the trees. His steps were slow as he walked to the streets and down them, looking at the dark houses, everyone else safely asleep in their own bed. Even the taverns lights were out, the door locked for the night. Then no drink for him, not that he thought he needed anymore, perhaps it was even the drink that got him this strange in the first place. There would be no heavy amount of wine for him anymore; he nodded at the confirmation in his head.

It was at that moment that he heard something, someone, was still awake, if that was a good thing or a bad thing he couldn’t tell. Fenris stopped and leaned himself up against a building, deep into the shadows.

“Great,” he mumbled to himself as he looked around, “You want someone around and yet at the first footsteps you hear you hide in the shadows. Perhaps I truly am drunk.”

Calmly, without falter someone went past, they wore a thick burgundy coat as they did; it was decorated with a blood ruby on the front. A vampire then, there were more in this town than he cared to admit to. Though, the vampire did not seem to be looking for a victim, more as if he had pressing matters to attend to, his steps becoming a bit quicker as he looked at a pocket watch muttering to himself about something.

“He should have been able to smell me, but clearly he didn’t, or perhaps he did and just didn’t care,” he gripped hard onto his dagger and pushed himself off the wall.

With a careful eye he matched the vampires’ footsteps, if he could just make sure that he wasn’t being followed, maybe this would uncover something big. The vampire continued out of town and down a long trail that lead towards the next town, clearly if he was late enough and had to go to the next town he would run, but he wasn’t, suggesting that where we was going wasn’t too far off.

Then he quickly turned off of the trail and into the deep forest that wasn’t too far off from the town. Did he know that he was being followed? Did he think he could hide in the trees and then attack him? He had another thing coming to him if that is what he thought; Fenris snorted keeping close on his trail, his eyes not coming off of him once.

Leaves and pine needles shuffled under foot as the two continued for what seemed like an hour. After a while, Fenris realized that there was no way he was going to easily be able to find his way back. But it didn’t matter at the moment, everything was focused on the vampire, whom turned and started to go dead north. A trail was starting to be formed as they continued; clearly indicating that someone else had been through this area many times. Lights started to form in the distance, although from what he couldn’t tell, even as he squinted, clearly it was their destination as the vampire move towards it with rapidly increasing speed.

The trees eventually started to thin out, and before them was a large mansion. Candles and floating orbs were all over the yard, even floating in a pond casually. A few others quickly shuffled into the large front doors of the mansion almost seemed excited. Something was going on here and so close to the town.

“An assault perhaps,” Fenris said out loud to himself, “this would be bad if it was.”

Thinking it unwise to follow the vampire straight into the front doors, he watched as he went inside without problems, and then quickly moved to the east side. Every mansion had more than one way to enter it.

The side yard was heavily decorated, though it sorely lacked in candles, it clearly showed off the owner’s vast amount of wealth, fountains of solid marble, gardens of many assortments of flowers, lounging chairs and many other things were all over the place. Though they seemed oddly unused, making Fenris deeply suspect that this was the location of a vampire hideout. He would quickly find out if this was true or not, he looked around for any guards or anything else of the like. But clearly this was not the main attraction, or it was not suspected as being used for the night; only the front seemed to be heavily guarded something that they would soon regret.

Opening the side doors to the manner effortlessly he stepped into the large mansion. There were murmured voices of people in the distance followed by quiet music. Clearly, there was a party going on further on in the mansion. His footsteps echoed lightly on the solid marble floor, it glittered with flecks of other rock mixed deep within it, giving it a golden shimmer with the deep brown. Walnut wood decorated the walls as the marble continued to accent everything, including the deep floor to ceiling fireplace that crackled calmly. Rather than the normal wood in burning though, it was a strange white crystal. Fire reflected off of each little piece almost making it seem as though garnets and fire opals were scattered within.

The room smelled, odd, Fenris couldn’t bring himself to find an exact word to explain it. It didn’t make him feel comfortable in the least, but it didn’t stop him from going further into the mansion. He had to figure out why this vampire came here. His mind tugged at him to stop, but his body continued pushing forward. This time he wouldn’t let his mind win, he would finally figure out what was pushing him back all this time. It was better than going home again, alone, and having another nightmare. Hearing the muffled talk in his ears was soothing, even if he didn’t know if it would kill him or not.
He slowly walked towards the talking, the music was getting louder. The smells were getting thicker; a faint tint of blood came to it. Vampires indeed, he hoped dearly that he wasn’t walking into a trap. As he reached the source of all the sound in the mansion his eyes widened.

Vampires littered the room; some with glasses steeped with what was probably wine, talking to each other calmly. They were conversing as if they were just normal people, in their own world, he thought, they basically were, only a few minor differences. But still, he was a vampire hunter among the best of the best. There were quite a few vampires here that he knew were high up the ranking pole.

A few quickly smelt the air; they instantly pin pointed his spot and surrounded him almost instantly. The vampires circled around him like a vulture to the dead, some licking their lips, others whispering to each other what they would do to him. There were far too many to take at once. He growled as he started to slowly reach for his dagger.

“None of you can have him,” there was a stern yet very calm dominate voice that spoke over the entire crowd of vampires.

They parted as he got near, the same vampire that approached him hours before. His steel gray eyes watching Fenris without so much as a twitch; carefully holding out his hand he waited until finally the human put his hand into his, feeling a bit awkward about all of it, it didn’t seem odd however, to any of the vampires as they continued to watch the two of them in dead silence, the music playing quietly.

He was led out of the main area and down a long hallway; the curtains were blowing gently in the breeze as they walked. It seemed as though every decoration was thought and planned over before it became part of the house. Everything matched, nothing stood out, and it all seemed very expensive. Though what was exquisite to some, was simple to a vampire, as the one pulling Fenris along didn’t seem fazed by his look of awe in the least.

Pushing open glass double doors, Fenris found them both at a balcony overlooking yet another fountain, this one depicting two mermaids wrapped in what looked like love making. He stared at it for a minute before he realized that the vampire was looking at him.

“What do you want from me?” Fenris leaned on the balcony watching the vampire sternly.

“You truly do not remember still? I must have given you quite a heavy dose, but it is what you wanted,” the vampire smiled painfully and turned to look up at the moon.

“Dose? I am confused, what is between us, you act like we are good friends, but I am stricken with amnesia,” he watched him.

“In a sense we were,” he continued watching the moon, “My name is Tyr Amadeus, an elder vampire, like you discovered and yes, there is a lot of history between us, some that you deeply wanted to forget. I discovered recently that it is paining you, so I came to see you. I came none too late it seems.”

Fenris’ heart skipped a beat as he listened to the vampires passionate words, “so this loneliness, the aches and pains my head gives me, you know how to get rid of all of this?”

Without saying another word Tyr held out his hand to him once again, and again without wondering why, Fenris took it.

They moved slowly through the house, Tyr guiding him with a gentle hand as they turned corner after corner, nobody followed them, nor seemed to even want to try. After a few moments they stood in front of a large walnut wood door, Tyr opened it with a gentle twist of his hand and pushed. It opened to a large darkened bedroom, there was a little moonlight coming in through the dark heavy looking curtains. Shutting the door behind them, Fenris was slowly guided towards the large four post bed.

“I will show you what you sorely lack,” Tyr said calmly putting a finger to his lips.

Fenris nodded slowly not taking his eyes off of Tyr, he wanted to know what was going on, why his mind was behaving so horribly, but at the same time, he was so very tired at the moment. His body slowly relax as Tyr leaned him onto the bed slowly and calmly, leaning over him steady and true. The back of his hand stroked over his cheek with tender love. Something that vampires were very well known for, he could feel that he could trust this vampire somewhat, but at the same time, he also felt disgust and fear.

It all melted away as their lips connected.