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The impact of my head hitting the wall had nearly knocked me out. Before I can even wooz off into my own world, I quickly regained my senses once I heard my bother scream, "Iie, Papa!". My eyes widened once I saw father unzip his own pants and tried to take Kaito's shorts off. It was then that I knew I could no longer cower away.

Quickly running across the room, I scurried around and found the old metal-bat our aunt gave to me and Kaito to play with.

Clutching onto the bat, I quickly wallked behind father as water continued to pour from my eyes. My head ached terribly from both the fall and me being tired of the abuse. So as I rose the bat, down it came kissing the back of our fathers head. I knew I hitted quite hard because I heard something shatter. ...It was his skull.

"Die!!!" I heard a loud screech. ...Oh no. It didn't come from me.

Opening my eyes; I realized that both me and Kaito had struck him at the same time. I acknowledged seeing Kaito reach for something on the floor. Apprearently it was a glass shard from Father's vodka bottle he threw across the wall earlier. There it was jabbed deeply into his neck with blood flowing down from the shard, onto Kaito's arm. His horrid blood squirted onto the two of us. Both from the back of his head and his neck.

Taking about three steps back I viewed the scene as Kaito scurried away before his body fell on him. I wasn't sure if I was suffering from shock at the though of me actually busting the back of my dad's head, or the fact that we killed him at the same time. It was hard to tell if this was reality.

As minutes went by, I slowly began to accept the fact that we killed him. Unlike me, Kaito continued to stab him repeatedly . ...He cried. He screamed. He stabbed and stabbed until there weren't any blood left to splatter. And what did I do? Leaned against the wall and watched as the tears stop. We both felt good enough despite the situation.

My throat felt sore for crying so much, and yet, I still felt good. My body ached in pain from the constant abuse he gave us, and yet, I felt so good.

After a good hour or two, Kaito finally gave up and fell to the side of me. His left arm raised and grabbed a hold onto my hand. Mine was covered in dried blood and his was covered in fresh blood. "Kaito, we have to lie-" "Grab daddy's killing water and put fire on it. ... Even on mommy." His voice was more broken than my own once he finished the plan.

Slowly getting up he grabbed his blood-soaked stuffed bunny and walked with me over to the kitchen. Dad always kept the gas underneath the sink.

Within ten minutes we grabbed both gas and his matches. "Kaito, go upstairs to our room and start screaming for help. I'll be there in five minutes." I told him as I opened the lid to the container. Even though I was seven, my wits picked up quite strongly when it came to troubling moments.

He said nothing as he walked over to the steps. Assuming it was from all the screaming he have done, I began pouring the gasoline onto the carpet and onto both fathers and mothers body; ... even though mother was still alive. I trailed the gas from the living room all the way up to our bedroom door-frame. Hesitation was not an option for either one of us; so I quickly struck a match and dropped it to the floor. The flames quickly lit the trail. To make sure it did, we both heard the horrifying shreek of our mother downstairs.

I wondered if my brother had lost his voice because he only stood there by the window. He didn't even scream for help like I told him to, but I had to push the thought aside and go with my second plan until he pipped up, "We have to jump to make it believable." I was surprised because it was the same plan I had in mind.

Walking up to the side of him I grabbed his hand and jumped on the window ceil. As he did the same, we both looked at eachother. His eyes were just as reassuring as my own, and with that, we both jumped out the second story window.

The fire inside the house has caused all the windows to break, thus having glass peices fly onto ground before we did.

Soon as we hit the hard floor-

"Ah!" I screamed as I shot up from my bed. Heavy pants filled the room as I wiped the sweat off my head. `Another dream of that day.' I thought to myself as I tried to calm my breath. Knowing how Kaito leaves a bottle of water by bed for when I'm going through these dreams, I quickly grabbed it ang began to drink large gulps.

Night like these are when I have to write more songs inside my notebook.