I beat Final Fantasy VII tonight. I was so fed up with Sephiroth's last form that I wanted more than anything to kill him... and now that it's over, I miss the story. But, now I know the true story of the characters that inspired me from ever since I was little. Final Fantasy VII is at the very foundation of my imagination, and now I know the real story, and I have completed it. If you haven't read it yet...


That entry got almost as many views and "Nero" and "The Cat-Smile Insomniac". I dunno why, but it did. I ate candy until I feel sick Cx
I drank Monster... ate apple rings and gummy worms >=o
It is the end of an era. The Final Fantasy VII era. Now, I'll complete the story of Final Fantasy VII by watching Advent Children, and actually being able to understand what I'm seeing. Either way, I know the true story now... the story that inspired me so long ago that I can't even remember it all too well. The story that my brother introduced to me shortly after we met.
Shout out to TERMINATOR4HIRE. Thanks for being part of this era with me ^^
Well, I guess I'll close the screen of never ending stars... finish off the apple rings, down the rest of the Monster... and say goodbye to Final Fantasy VII.