Fuuin had put hours of research into his starter Pokemon. He had weighed the consequences that came with each decision and concluded that none of them were the perfect choice. They each had perks. They each had some kind of downside. He just needed to pick the one that he felt suited him the most!

He reached for the pokeball on the left, confidently picking it up off the table. His middle finger nudged the button on the front and released the monster within. Mudkip, the Water-Type, appeared on the floor in front of him. It's small black eyes looked up at him in curiosity. Then it looked like it was smiling. "Mudkip?"


It was true.

The blonde loved Water-Types.

"I am going to name you... Doutei. How about that? Do you like that name?"

It's response was immediate. "Mudkip!"


Professor Birch smiled at the small bonding experience between Pokemon and Trainer. Then he felt the need to interrupt, as they needed to move on to more important matters. The young Professor coughed to garner their attention. Both the young man and his Mudkip turned to regard him with a questioning look.

"I apologize for interrupting, guys. But we have to move on with the rest of the standard procedure and what not, ya' know?"

"Yeah. Sure."

The brunette turned away and picked up one of the small red devices that sat on a table. He looked back at the blonde and held up the device for him to see. "This' a Pokedex. We don't usually hand them out to inexperienced trainers because of the cost to make one of them. However," the man trailed off. "Your father and I are friends. We've known each other since long before I was ever interested in becoming a Professor and he called in a favor. So I am giving you one. Try not to break it, please."

Fuuin nodded politely and accepted the Pokedex, placing it in the inner pocket of his jacket.

"Okay. With that out of the way, I'll print out your Trainer ID and give you some of the spare Pokeballs I have in the back. Then you can be on your way! Cool, huh?"

Kind of?

In all honesty, the blonde wasn't sure how he should respond. So he just smiled in reply.

"Anyway... once this' all over, you should probably meet up with my daughter. Anne's in the next town over and I am sure that she'll be more than glad to show you a thing or two about being a trainer!"

Just like that, his adventure had officially started!

Look out Hoenn! Fuuin is on the loose!