Not much of the Knight's past is known, even to himself. The farthest back he is able to remember is the time he woke in the forest, just outside of the Kingdom. He was a young boy then, with no recollection of family or friends. Having no memory of where to go, he lived in that forest for a time. He was discovered by the King one afternoon when his royal carriage was attacked by bandits. Saga noticed this on his walk back to the nearby pond after gathering berries, and fended them off in time to save the King's life. To repay the boy, the King offered him a room in his castle. It was that very same day, that the Queen gave birth to the first Prince of the kingdom.
Saga fit right into the castle, the wings upon his head not seeming any stranger than the horns and tails that were mixed mutations among the people of the kingdom. Love knew no bounds in such a place, people and creatures from all over were free to live and prosper. Because of his heroic skills, Saga was able to go into training to become one of the under knights of the castle. It was about a year into his stay there, when he first laid eyes on the King's son. It was only a moment glance, Saga not yet aware of what their future together would hold.
Quickly, Saga was able to move up many ranks within the round of knights. It was on the Prince's fifth birthday that they were able to meet formally. The King assigned Saga to be the boy's guard. He was to accompany him whenever he departed the castle, and to assist him in any duties.
At the start, the Knight thought of the boy to be troublesome. He had always seen the Prince getting into trouble with the servants, or being scolded for acting out during his daily lessons. But one day, Saga was scheduled to accompany the boy to his growth ceremony on his twelfth birthday. He had rushed to open the door to the boy's room without asking permission, the boy already late for his entrance. Expecting to see the Prince playing with his toys, instead, the Prince was no where to be found. An open window led the Knight to thoughts of the boy being kidnapped.
Alerting the castle, every Knight and servant were told to do a complete search of the castle by the King. The entire kingdom was up in panic, the only air to the throne had been missing on such a special day! The Queen wept upon her husband's shoulder, the search turning up nothing after an hour.
Searching past castle grounds, the Knight found himself back onto the territory where he once lived as a child. The forest seeming much smaller to him now that he was older, traveling out to the pond he spent so many nights by. There, weeping beneath the night sky, was the Prince. His white outfit had been dirtied, seeming as though the boy tripped while traveling into the trees.
Kneeling next to the boy, Saga asked him how he had gotten out there. The Prince ignored him, hiding his face with his hands. He was being stubborn, he was that way to everyone except the other children that visited him to play. Not minding his attitude, the Knight sat next to him and looked into the water below.
It was only until Saga had begun telling the boy about his many nights here, watching the fireflies, that the Prince looked up from his hands and into the Knight's eyes. The young Prince spoke to Saga about his struggle with growing up. The pressure of having to live up to the expectations of the kingdom was tough, and he just wanted to be a child forever. They both shared a struggle of their own, bringing the two of them closer. It was that very night, where they were both able to see a side of each other that made them fall in love.
Returning to the castle safely in his arms, the Prince made it back in time to celebrate his growth within the kingdom. The Knight was honored for finding the Prince, his rank now that of Lead Knight. This night of celebration was only the beginning of a love that would blossom for many years to come.