Am I dead, or alive?
These senses of mine are clouded, and I feel as if I'm falling.
I can't move, but there's a calm, cool breeze brushing on my skin.

Slowly, Haruki began to regain consciousness, she sensed that someone was nearby. Haruki opened her eyes, but couldn't see. Frightened, she whispered,"Who's there?" and coughed a few times. Her throat was dry.

"You're looking right at me. What's with you, Ruki?"

"Alexei?", She was confused, but overjoyed to hear his voice,"Alexei! You came for me!" She said happily. It was a surprise, Alexei almost never wanted to help her, but his code was the easiest to remember. Haruki furrowed her brow in frustration."..But, where are you?" She reached out for him and failed.

Alexei poked at her waving arms to settle her down. "Look to your left." He seemed irritated, almost as if he thinks she's playing games with him. She turned her head to the side, but nothing was to be seen. "Quit messing with me!" She winced in pain as she adjusted her legs, then closed her eyes.

"..Wait, open your eyes again. Plus, your eyepatch is missing." He said quietly. She obeyed. "You can't see anything, can you?" He had been waving his arm in front of her eyes, waiting for a reaction.