Enchanted Woods and Floating Island of Ichthus

One day when i finally got my Angelic Rod, a mysterious guy with pointed hat and seemingly intricate clothing showed up at Ole Fishing Hole. Logan introduced me to this guy. His name is Isda a master fisher from the Secret Fisherman's Village. He said he is looking for someone who can help him locate the location of a floating island Ichthus, which according to a legend the island is majestic and is teeming with life, legendary fishes were said to be found there.

I decided to help him, *oh come on who wouldn't want an epic adventure?* The only way to get there is by airship, strong enough to pass through the magical barriers that hid the floating island. After a discussion, he handed out an alchemy formula to build an airship that he found during his travels to uncharted lands. It requires 10,000 Drift Wood, 1000 Gears and items that i have not seen before. With Cresento's help, we built the airship using his alchemy techniques. Now our first destination is the floating island port town of Porta Denia. I must find clue there.

*will update soon*