------Its been a while since I've done this so, I guess I'll make one at the moment. I'm waiting for my class to start at 12:30, so at the moment I'm at the cafeteria. To be honest, I have no idea what to write. I've been caught up in my school work that I got lost in the moment. It feels strange, like I've let my mind wander into, I don't even know why. I felt my body and mind was emptied out, into a focus state of self, washing time away. Weird stuff; I feel like I neglected a lot of things such as playing guitar, writing, and even returning text messages. Maybe once the summer comes, I'll return to those.

------And now, I have a block, not knowing what to write. Staring into the keyboard thinking. The lady on my left says she had a boyfriend who plays guitar. I'd play LoL (League of Legends) right now, but I left my mouse at home; I used to be really good with a laptop pad though, got all the way to level 30 mostly doing ADC.

------I've been thinking about what she said, If I really do sound like doom and gloom most of the time. Weird because I try to keep away the negative auras. Maybe its just the nervousness, because she's pretty and I'm there trying to look cool and stuff. Or maybe its the school work and the problems at home, leaving me emptied and soulless for the past few weeks. I'm pretty sure its a mix of both, she makes my heart race sometimes through the deep conversations we have. I'm pretty sure though that the universe won't chain the directions of our destinies closer than I want it to be, but I'm okay with that ... I think.

------I miss her a lot actually, though when we talk and all sometimes I get nervous and self conscious about what I'm saying, what I'm doing, how I look and what not. She's probably laughing at me, reading this now. But I don't mind. I should give her a call, because this boredem is killing me

------Ummm sorry for the mundane entry, Thanks for reading though.

This is Anikacy, Signing out!