I was strolling through the Arena fair,
and figured that I might submit my avi.
And so, quite confident, I took this dare,
And looked through my wardrobe savvy.

I then clicked through the options,
I was about to press submit,
then I saw the money donations,

Ten thousand per submission?
I read a few forums talking about inflation and Gaia's now very money-based economy, but ten thousand?
I'm not gonna be participating in the Arena anytime soon. cry

How does one even make this much money? I've heard of new "money makers" being released, but I have no idea what they are. People say Gaia is now about how much money one has... Is that really true? gonk

Oh well... I still enjoy this website very much, and I intend to make friends instead of money... Who cares about all those fancy clothes? sweatdrop