Oh gosh. That was a creepy suggestion.
Explains why it is haunted. 3nodding

I think I will try to film something along the lines of:
A new English teacher in Korea moves into an apartment and discovers that the electric piano wasn't the only thing left behind....

Beats me why J had cooking stuff. I think he wished he could cook, but had no ambition or drive to actually try/learn.
He would do a "cooking" session every summer with his students... and it was things like "popcorn cake' aka melt sticky things like chocolate or caramel and put over popcorn in a bowl. Pop out of bowl - voila! Cake!

He loved to watch Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. And any cooking show with the guy.
I actually would get pissed off at J - because he believes Gordon Ramsey is the best chef ever. And you can't say otherwise. stare

One time he wanted me to make him broccoli soup.. it was a G. Ramsey recipe... Guess what? it called for an immersion blender. Guess what I don't have?
... Yeah. I'm not gonna go buy an immersion blender for 1 recipe - that I can't even eat because it's a CREAM soup.

Oh. I could rant a while....

Instead I'm going to think about buying and eating fried chicken after work, and remind myself to stop at the GS 25 Supermarket on the way home.

I need to buy butter to make banana bread. Butter was 8,200 (roughly 8 bucks) for 1 pound at Dasan Mart!!!!!! UGH. They only had 1 kind, too.
Gotta check the competition!