In the middle of the day... I realized that I should make a list of some of the spells in his repertoire. I will never be able to list all of them, seeing as Dragomir's a Master of Magick. But, yeah, I am going to assume that you get the point by now.

Falsus :: this spell is perfect for undercover work. the spell works by adding an "image" of the user. keep in mind that this' an illusion and not the real thing. if you transform into someone taller than yourself, that doesn't make you taller. if someone touches the area that you aren't capable of filling with your own physical mass, they will notice the falsehood. which is why the name of this spell is what it is.

Vita :: part of Elondri's original branch of magick. it draws in the energy of the planet itself to revive a plant from the brink of death. it is perfect for gardening. most of the magi community views this spell as useless for anything else. dragomir has contested the argument during his days as the court mage of Elondri. no progress was made the argument he made in changing the community's opinion.

Vastitas :: part of Elondri's original branch of magick. it enables the user to control the nearest plant life through sheer willpower. the limitations of this spell are only as strong as the magi that uses it. some can bring an entire forest to life while others can't even use the spell. dragomir was famous for using this spell during the material war.

Morior :: the exact opposite of vita. this spells causes the plant or other such inanimate object that is touched to decay. the effects of the technique are reversible through the use of vita if done in time. it was created by morecast in order to deal with the forest that surrounded elondri. it was reverse engineered by elondri for their own uses.

Duro :: enables the user to transform something into stone. it was created by scholars to mimic the abilities of creatures that once filled the forest of elondri. it is perfect for keeping some of the more troublesome prisoners in check, seeing as they are no longer able to speak or more. sort of like suspended animation.

Aguamenti :: mostly used for survival exercises or actual survival. this spell turns the magical energy used into water. it is always clean and ready for drinking. it was one of the first spells created, rumors suggest that a struggling mage had made the spell unknowningly to quench their thirst while they were lost in the desert.

Incendio :: few in the magi community know the origin of this spell, as it predated even that of aquamenti. some scholars believe that it was given to them by the goddess, while others believe it was just engineered. this spell creates fire from magical energy. also another valuable spell for survival exercises.

Deletrius :: disintegrates the victim. few can say that they've learned the spell because the community has banned it's use the world over. the ban was only placed following the conclusion of the material war.

Memoria :: this gives the user the ability to erase the memories of the victim. it also gives them the ability to seal or hide memories, preventing any unwanted people from seeing them. this spell saw extensive use from prisoners of war during the material war.

Memoratus in Aeternum :: this spells plants false memories in the victim. they are often so convincing that the victim will believe that they are their own memories. it saw extensive use from prisoners of war during the material war, preventing the enemy from ever learning anything substantial from them. most of the people that used this technique were never recovered from behind enemy lines.

Lucem :: this often renamed as "magelight" by the rest of humanity because, simply put, this technique creates light from magick. magi often use this during the night or when traveling through dark settings. the spell resembles a sphere of light that moves according to the mage's will.

Amare :: this' one of the forbidden subjects of magick. this spells induces emotions in the victim, effectively defeating the purpose of free will. the victim of this spell falls hopelessly in love with the user. they are often unable to even think about anything other than the user and will often do anything in their power to please the user.