Shuffle! (I would LOVE you forever if we did this!)

Years ago two portals has opened up on earth, one portal lead to the world of the Gods; Gods are Elven creatures. Their ears are slanted up a bit and have blue eye's. In their world they believe in having more than one wife. The King has about 8 himself, but only one Daughter.
The other Portal leads to the world of the Demons; Just like the Gods, the Demons are a Elven race, but their ears are slanted down at a angle and have Red eyes. They only have a single partner.

When the portals opened up on the world, there wasn't any panic because the Kings of the Gods and Demons came to earth years before to work out a peace treaty and and the Earth leaders let the world know of them a year before the portal opening.
People were aloud to travel to and even move to the realms as they pleased.

One idea would to be follow the actual story in Shuffle!. Another would be to use some of the characters and create our own storyline. Or just create new characters and storyline all together!