Current Numbers of members:1300
Current Number of Soldiers, Mercenaries, and Experiments: 18,000

Founded sometime during the time of the American Civil War, The Daemon Lord had spent much time contemplating on a way to go about spreading his influence on a more discreet scale, other then assassination and war, as well as strengthening his growing cults. Thus it was that Naraka had appeared to eight minor inventors through out America, Europe and the Middle East, gathering them in one place, which to this day remains unknown. In this meeting, he appeared in the form of a small child, offering them all a single deal.

Consolidate their ideas and pool their resources for the distinct purpose of creating new weaponry and technology to further the goals of his cults, and he would grant them all the opportunity to make a names for themselves and become wealthier then they could ever desire. After much contemplation, all five men and three women agreed and thus signed the contract that will force their servitude for the rest of their lives as well as the services of their children, and their children's children and so and so forth.

Thus the Shriven were born, and in the centuries and decades since then have been responsible for the creation of dozens of weapons, armors, technologies that have helped spread destruction, murder and madness through out the world.

The Shriven Facts
-The Shriven have numerous bases spread through out America and Europe, Primarily in London, Washington D.C., and Moscow.

-Hides themselves behind a business company that goes by the name of Xerxes Inc. A vast organization well known for it's advances in medicine.

-Maintains strong relations with all branches of the Daemon Lord's cults, providing information, weapons, and technology, all in exchange for the right price.

-No Signature Colors, however often they can be found with Pins, Rings, or Bracelets that bear the Mark of the Daemon Lord: A Violet Snake's eye.