[My message for those who've put a smile on my face. c': ]

I've been a member of this site since midway '09.
Til the very present, my world has always revolved around this loving community.
It wasn't until earlier this year that I've become an active member again.

I wanted to seize the opportunity to explore the areas of this site where I haven't touched...and so I began my exploration in the Chatterbox forum. I've always assumed the people in there were not as nice as I would expect, though I was proven wrong many times. Til this very moment I realize that not everyone is what I expect them to be.

I'm not referring to donations alone but also the fact that not everyone in the Chatterbox is an overly serious, sarcastic asshole. I found that a lot of the people I've spoken to are rather approachable, friendly and gentle. I really appreciate those kinds of people and wish to speak with them a lot often. It was only recently that I gained an idea of how unexpectedly nice the people in cb can be. I recently posted a topic "pooping at 6am" and expected really inappropriate responses, only to have found that people were giving me advice with pooping instead lol. But from that, I realized that the cb is like a coconut. Tough on the outside but soft and gentle on the inside.

I will admit I've been donated to several or more times. Though I strongly believe that it's not the gift that matters but the gesture of it. I want to really thank those who have done so. Looking at your messages that came with the gift, I smile furiously with happiness. I really really appreciate it guys. Because of the love you all have given me, I'm motivated to give back some of the love to the cb and those outside of this loving community. "Love feels warmer when it's shared". From this point on, I hope to paint smiles on people's faces as well as helping them with whatever they pursue just like what you all have done for me.

Thank you thank you thank you all for making me smile, I really really appreciate it.
Because of the lovely people who proved me wrong in cb being a bad place, I've made it to be my nice and cosey home.
I could've abandoned this site after seeing all these horrible changes but you all managed to help me remain a loyal member til the very end.
Once again, thank you so much my beloved friends and fellow Gaians.
I love you as well as this community to loving pieces even if it's f*cked up more than ever!

[Message to a very memorable donor, Miss Azure Anon. &3]
Really. Really. Really ... REALLY!?!?!!?1?!
You, fair maiden. You have no idea what is going to and fro in my mind when I think of you. I almost had a heart attack that day ... that very day. I almost died when I saw this:
User Image

Must you have to be so sweet? MUST YOU? I cannot forget the rollercoaster of feelings I had on that day. I cried. Hard.
Your kindness left me in complete oblivion. I entirely had no clue why you'd do this to me.
I immediately saved the pm that came with the gift in order to keep your words as a memorable message.
I still cherish this gift ... forever and always. I love her more than ever. She's my life even though I'm just here in a anime version of Habo.
You, Miss Azure Anon, has become someone I really admire now.
Your kindness has encouraged me to do the same for others.
You've shown me a kind of generosity no one has ever seen before.
I won't reveal your name in this message though ... I don't intend to have you be bothered by messages asking if you could donate and what not.
Please...I still cannot forgive myself for rubbing my paws all over your precious gift.
I'm still in denial of me, a dirty peasant, being given something ever so precious.
I shall keep my heart dedicated to your will. I shan't ever display it for sale. EVER.
I'll keep her here with me until the very very last days of my Gaian life.
What is life? What is Gaia? How much of a goddess is Azure Anon?
I wish you the best of good karma...the best! ;v;