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Role play sample 2
“Oh my god.” A woman clearly in her twenties was standing in the inspection line at the Columbus International Airport holding her almost-too-large-but-just-small-enough carryon bag and a folded piece of paper. She stood out with her brightly colored sweatshirt emblazoned with the female symbol. The words that had leapt from her mouth drew some curious stares. This woman, Sara Reynolds, looked like death microwaved at 50 percent for 10 seconds. Her hair was haphazardly pulled into a side ponytail and the freckles on her face were especially prominent as the color has almost completely drained from her cheeks. She was scared out of her mind and second guessing the last two months of planning, saving and chatting to some girl she had met online about having a couch to crash on.

‘God damn, why did I even think this was a good idea? I’m flying to god damned Ireland with no job and because Julie said I could have a place to stay. What if I can’t find work? I only have seven thousand bucks saved. My parents are gonna kill me if I come back asking for money.’ Sara shivered and rapidly blinked her eyes to keep the tears from welling. She could leave. It’d be easy to just walk out of here and write off the two hundred dollars spent on her ticket. Her parents were terrified she’d get herself killed; they’d probably be happy if their daughter came to her senses and moved back in with them. All that was waiting in Ireland for Sara was a woman who’d promised to get her settled in and hopefully self-sufficient. Damn that woman, she’d been the nail in the coffin for Sara.

They’d met in a chat room. Wow that sounded terrible in Sara’s own head, was she in Napoleon Dynamite? It’d been random, some chat Sara had logged onto since she was bored and she recognized one of the usernames. As the women talked they’d found similar tastes in music and pop culture, it was nice to make a new friend. The more they talked the more they saw into each other’s lives. Finally their friendship was upgraded to skype calls, Sara had been terrified. She didn’t think much of her own appearance and had imagined Julie to be a supermodel or something. Sara was wrong though, Julie was even more beautiful than that. Blonde hair meticulously pulled back into a braid, soft looking skin, full lips that just begged to be kissed. Sara had instantly fallen head first into a major crush.

She’d also learned Julie’s full name. It sounded like heaven coming from her mouth. “Juliet. Butler.” Sara tested the name again, quietly so that people didn’t gawk at her again. It still made her chest clench and a jolt run through her body. Juliet was the real reason for this insane journey. She was funny and sweet, easily complimenting Sara and telling her that she was beautiful. It was amazing; no one that attractive had said such nice words before. It didn’t help the feelings Sara had harbored since then. Suddenly all doubts were washed away as thoughts of finally meeting Julie popped up. They’d get to talk in person, face to face. Sara could touch Julie. This was worth it, even if things didn’t work out. At least Sara could say she tried. She tried for a small hope that the friendship she had with a woman she’d never met would turn into something more.

The line had been moving and Sara had barely registered the checkpoint, the only thing keeping her from running was Julie. Those thoughts swirled around in her head and she started planning how to either have Julie return her feelings or at least find out if she was even into women. At least she’d have a job. Maybe. In what seemed like minutes Sara was on the plane. She was really on a plane headed to Ireland. Not directly actually, there was a layover in Amsterdam before Dublin. Why was that a thing? She couldn’t complain though, it had been the cheapest flight. Money was going to become an issue very quickly. Sara would take just about any job which was good. There had to be something that no one else wanted and she’d be set. All she had to do now was close her eyes and enjoy the trip despite the cold heavy feeling in her stomach.

“Juliet. Butler.” Sara smiled and nodded. Yep, this was totally worth it.

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uchiha fxcks
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