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Role play sample 1 (i wrote wasn't a lot.)
The earth seemed to shudder as Sara dug her toes into the damp, freshly tilled dirt. Maybe it was really Sara that had shuddered, the ground was surprisingly cold. It was the dead of summer and the work day had ended so most of the people tending plots were gone. It wasn’t so weird putting your feet in the ground anyways! Plenty of people did it and there were worse things th-.

Okay, off topic. Sara wasn’t here to argue with herself. She breathed deeply and closed her eyes to will away the many thoughts that buzzed in her head for attention. Her ears slowly tuned out outside noise as she imagined ocean waves gently lapping at her. Better. The sensation of something slimy moving across Sara’s left foot brought her back to the present, probably a worm. Sara resisted the urge to pull away and dug in deeper. Her feet were wet and cold now but it was oddly satisfying. It felt right being here. Exactly here on the Fowl estate with its rich and moist soil, at this moment. As if everything before had been specifically engineered to bring Sara to this spot. It was right and it was good. That was enough. As her toes sank in Sara slowly brought her arms up, up, up until they were directly above her. She clenched her fists and released, fingers splaying out as if to grab a hold of the wisps of cool air. That wasn’t entirely off, in Sara’s mind her fingers were extending further than her body. She pictured her soul stretching, ever stretching as if trying to break free from her mortal frame. It was those dreams she had, the ones where she was finally able to fly after trying so hard. She lifted off the ground and was skimming the clouds, fingers brushing over condensed water particles. Those were the brightest and most serene dreams. They were loud and cluttered like others she had. It was comforting and Sara didn’t understand why.

At this very moment the earth completely stopped for Sara. The air felt heavy and confining and gravity pressed on her body. It wasn’t fair, it was like something precious had been taken from her yet she had never had the chance to know what she lost. Minutes passed and her arms began feeling heavy, so Sara slowly lowered them back down to her sides and took another breath. At least she felt calmer. When her eyes opened the young women felt a prickle on the side of her neck and she turned in the direction. Funny, it constantly felt like someone was there. It was just in the corner of her eye, a brief flash or shifting like this person existed on another plane. If that wasn’t the most annoying s**t ever. Sara squeezed her hands and sighed. No she wasn’t letting it bother her right now. She’d managed to get into a good vibe and no invisible people were messing that up.

It was time to go back anyways; she probably could ride her bike in the dark. The dinky head light on the handle would be enough light and there rarely were any obstructions on the roads. She could ride it into Dublin at least. Then the bus back to her apartment. Maybe she should actually get a car. Oh well. Her head was getting fuzzy with clutter and it’d be easier to zone out once she was vegging on her couch and watching anime. As even more thoughts swirled around Sara finally pulled her feet from the dirt and slipped her sandals back on before making her way off the estate. It wasn’t like she couldn’t do this again. There was plenty of time to get in touch with nature.

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