After being off any social sites for a couple of months i had become a little bit rusty my surfing skills, and on top of that i didn't know where to start... that was till i found the start of my new adventure "My Gaia'n Adventure". It was the first time i had heard of it and had high hopes even thow i had my fears of it, but whether or not it'll be the adventure i had hoped for or the the one i didn't expect i am part of this community now and i'd have it no other way. As from first sight it seemed to be alright and it's still going swell i'm a couple of days in and i'm startin' to learn the ropes bit by bit, hard going since i'm my own teacher *sigh* but i'm trooping it out and still hangin' in. As for what i'm seeing so far... i might just fit in to this new world. As i walk it's cybernetic and pixelated streets i hold my head not high but of equal par to any passers by, and if i can, i greet'em a good morning/day/evening. On most, if not all, cases i get a good morning/day/evening back , on a low note it might not be much but it gives me a little bit more hope that i could find my place in the crazy ole bit-trip curfuffle. And that... that places a little bit more skip in my steps and more of thinkin' in i made another fairly good choice in my life.

Thank's for stoppin' by, and have a good one.