opening line is:
gaia_nitemareleft gaia_angelright
this is where Sin says:
gaia_angelleft gaia_nitemareright

dont worry kiddies
the internet is for adults

no.. no...
the internet is for kids...

me: no, the internet is for p@rn

This night could be like any other night.. but it wasn't... for this night you are standing outside looking for a place to chill You notice a simple black door that seems to be calling to you. You don't understand why you happen to notice the door but you edge closer as a sudden need to head in there seems to take hold upon your legs.
Heading closer to the door, you notice upon it, what appears to be an insignificant letter S with a little devil tail and horns. Reaching the door, it silently opens, sliding into the side with a click, showing you a path lighted with an unearthly red glow that draws upon your curiosity.
A feeling dread seems to fill you but coupled with the feeling is another, one that seems to overpower the dread, one that makes you feel bold and indestructible. Ignoring the feeling, you walk down the barely lit hallway, soon coming upon an archway that seems to tell you that it will always be there til the end of time. Another mark of the horned and tailed letter S engraved upon the center of the arch.
Stepping through, you realize that you have entered into a dark, secluded room that seems to be laden-ed with the feeling of heightened need. Looking around, you see that there is a bar on one side with booths and tables on the other side with a dance floor separating the two. The bartender looks up at you and nods, almost as if he was expecting you to enter the place and points you to a door that is off to the side behind the counter.
You nod back and walk through the new door, this one also engraved with mark of S.
A cool voice says welcome, startling you slightly as your nerves are already on the edge and turning around you are greeted with the sight of a person... a rather devilishly androgynous person, who seems to draw you in and they bow slightly.
"Welcome to Sin. Where all your Desires may come true..."

(im sorry that im not able to end in a way that you can immediately start saying anything..
but anything can happen in this place: chatting with others, sleeping with others, let your desires control your body
for this is the one place where anything goes, you can even sleep with the owner of the place
once more i would like to say welcome to Sin and please do enjoy yourself)