Right now, back to reality. I'm pretty sure the world just rick rolled me, and by "just" i mean the past two years, cause the universe is humongous so two minutes to the universe would be 2 minutes of a song to us, cause we are significantly smaller and all that.
"Aren't we supposed to be typing in..uh.. quotations like this?" Mimi spoke up quietly.
"Oh right.. Mai, would you like to explain?" Ai turned to Mai who was sitting on a chair gripping onto the sides as she is visually livid with emotion.
"Of course I ********' would." She jumped up from her seat, "So, as we know the past two years were filled with lies. Usually we sort of get this voice in our head, like our conscience, that sort of tells us what to do next in our lives. It'd always give us sort of pointers on what to do in our lives. Back in the day, it's constantly tell us that the current guy we were with would be gone by next month or that he isn't worth my time. One time it even gave us a heads-up about some guy we haven't even met. Turns out that guy really was bad news.
But anyway, the guy right after that was the problem. I thought he was perfect, so I consulted my conscience about him."
"That would be me, partly." Ai spoke.
"Yeah, yeah. Way to make it more confusing. The conscience is sort of part of Ai, but Ai doesn't have control over it. Kind of like. Ai is a priest and the conscience is god and Ai gets visions or some s**t of this god. Sometimes the conscience would be loud enough that we can even imagine words popping into this head. But when we consulted it about the guy we were falling for, it said nothing. All Ai could see, was a smiling face. Not a regular smile, more like a 'well you're just going to have to wait and see' smile. Mischievous almost" Mai spat her words.
"So we take it as a sign of 'let life take its path, this could be the one guys' but we of course were also weary because we were only what? 16 at the time? We knew that we were too young to be thinking of The One so early in the game. But we fell for him. We were slowly falling into the poison. More panic attacks, more bullshit everyday. I was pretty much held back from kicking his a** at least twice a week. Why did we put up with him? Because he promised us love.
Of course, it's been quite a few months now and we've been getting more and more over him. I mean, I'm done with him, these other two though. I dunno."
Mimi gasped wide eyed, "Of course I'm over him! He was so mean to us, and our friends. He was full of lies!" Mimi squeaked.
"Now now." Ai put her arms up to calm down the situation. "Everything is in the past. We are smarter than we once were. No need to bring up old scars. As cruel as he was to us, we all know he simply needed.. assistance. Mai, continue."
"Right", Mai stood recomposing herself, " So we were just scrolling through on our tumblr when an interesting post comes up. It was simply a row of gifs. that showed the guy who sang the rick rolled song. We read through it once, nothing seemed that significant, it was just the lyrics. But then we noticed something. 'Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down, Never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, Never gonna say goodbye, Never gonna tell a lie, and hurt you'. Mother ******** Bull s**t.
That little smirk the conscience had was for us because we were about to get rick rolled in the worst of ways. We can all imagine the conscience now laughing. Maybe this voice isn't our conscience if it's laughing at us. Maybe it's karma or something that lives in our brains that connects us all." Mai shrugged, "whatever the ********. But aw man that was.. I don't know whether to laugh at being punked so hard or to cry because the past two years were all just a cruel joke. Whatever." Mai rolled her eyes.