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"Aftermath." Part 2.

Diana and Slade made their way through the desolated Gotham City while looking for places to hide incase if the flying hunters were nearby, Diana felt a bit weak. "H-hold on a minute..I can't run as much..I don't know what's going on, I feel weak." she said and tried to catch her breath.
"We can't sit around, we have to move." Slade said.
"I know, I know..it's just that..It feels like I've lost something.." but before Diana could continue with her sentence any further, Slade picked her up and carried her to the second tall tower, but this time there was no guards infront of the door.
"Why are there no guards?.." Diana said and got off Slade.
"I don't know, but I don't like it." he said as the two walked towards the big black gate, they opened it and looked around, same as before, it looked the same, more black spikes and hands and legs hanging out from the wall, they made their way up at the top of the tower to see that there was no key there.
"Where is it?.." Diana said and looked at Slade.
"Oh, you looking for this?" a female voice said, it was Victoria holding the key with her tentacle that came under her long grey dress, next to her was three faces she remembers, Batwoman, Donna Troy, and Mister Freeze, they had white eyes, which indicated that they were posssessed.
"It's so nice seeing you again Mother." Victoria smirked as Diana looked at her angrily. "Take care of the-.." Victoria got caught short by a three bullets into her stomach and chest area, it was from Slade's gun. "Ahh!.." She screamed and dropped the key, she then launched a hard tentacle smash against Slade's chest and made him land hard on the platform. "Kill them..kill them!.." She said as she bled a bit from her bullet holes, the three possessed ran at them as Batwoman grabbed her batarang out and tried to throw them at Diana, she dodged but got a hard kick from Donna, Donna tried to send another kick with her leg, but Diana caught it and sent her flying against a black spike that was poking out from the tower, she made a grunt sound as Batwoman growled like a dark beast and tried to kick and hit Diana, she did get a few hard hits that made her bleed and bruise up a bit, but Diana grabbed her grappling hook and wired it around Batwomans neck, she gurgled a bit, slowly falling unconscious, Mr Freeze grabbed his freeze gun up and shot a blue beam towards Diana, but it got stopped by Slade's arm that caught on ice a bit, "Ah!.." Slade grunted and sent a small grenade bomb against him, Mr Freeze landed against the wall and tried to get up, but Slade had an idea, he took the freeze gun up in his hands and shot them at Mr Freeze, batwoman and Donny troy, the result of this was that they turned into ice blocks.
"Playtime is over." Victoria said and and sent a electric green bolt against Slade's chest that sent him falling back over the edge of the tower's platform.
"No!.." Diana said as she saw Slade fall, but Diana had to fix her concentration on something else, getting the key, she dodged a tentacle that was sent her way and caught it, but a tentacle wrapped her leg.
"Let's see if you can fly aswell." Victoria grinned as Diana grabbed hard onto the key and stabbed the tentacle with it, Victoria screamed in pain and retracted her tentacle, Diana got up and ran towards the exit, then on the outside and then towards the tall tower that wasn't so far away, she kept running until she got up to the black tall gate doors. "My god..I've never been running that fast in my whole life.." Diana said to herself and gasped for air, Diana felt noxious and she felt blood in her mouth. "Why don't I heal?..I am losing it..I am losing myself, I have to hurry." she said feeling weaker than before.
As she made her way into the tower, she looked around, there was no security, which was very odd, but maybe she thought that Victoria didn't need any guardians since she was mighty and powerful, she made her way up and looked for the main room, she then heard a cough behind a door, she tried to open it, but instead she had to kick it open, in there was a man she really wanted to see, Batman.
"Bruce.." she said and tried to help him up, but he looked horribly injured, he had burn marks, cut wounds and blue bruises all over his body. "D-diana...y-your not real..another trick.." he slowly and faintly said.
"No, I am here, we need to get you out of here..Do you know where I can find the shard she protects?.." Diana said as the room began to slowly change into a big room with a throne, sitting on the throne was Victoria, her bullet wounds gone, she was smirking.
"There you are, you are one hard girl to track." she said and stood up. "But it's over now, I am going to keep you here for a very long time." Victoria raised her fist up and sent a green bolt towards her, she dodged as the bolt landed on the wall above Bruce, Diana hid behind another wall. "You can't hide." Victoria said as a bullet landed onto Victoria's shoulder. "Ahh!.." she yelled and looked behind her, it was Slade. "You didn't think you could get rid of me that easily eh?.." he smiled with blood between his teeth, Victoria tried to send another bolt and lashing tentacles towards him, he yelled "Get the shard!..Use the keys to open the container!.." Diana nodded and grabbed the keys out and walked up to the container, she inserted the two keys into their locks and twisted and turned them, in there was a white shard that was glowing a bit, Diana grabbed it, it felt warm and it was covering her arm with a thick fog, Victoria turned her attention towards her. "That thing is not for you.." she said and shot a electric green bolt again towards Slade, it landed as Slade yelled in pain and his whole body disintegrated. "Same goes for your precious Batman aswell." she grinned and sent a a bolt towards Bruce that looked up, but Diana ran and stood infront of him, the bolt landed towards the shard that seemed to suck up the energy Victoria gave. "N-no...no!.." she yelled as the shard sucked her energy more up, Diana was glowing brightly as she kept coming closer to Victoria, she shrieked in pain as her beautiful face turned into horribly scarred one. Diana slowly turned her head as the light grew stronger and turned into a shockwave that covered the whole planet, she looked at Bruce. "It's going to be fine, I promise, the higher powers has promised me, I'd rather die saving the world than die with it." she smiled as she sent a hard fist against Victoria's skull, it imploded and shot the shockwave out that shook the entire planet and shrouded it with bright white light.

Bruce slowly woke up, he was in his ordinary clothes as he looked around, he slowly stood up as he started to notice that he was in his own manor, the phone rang, he went over to pick up. "Hello?..." he said faintly. "Yeah..I know, she's in coma..." he said. "She's..she's deceased?..she died in her sleep..oh.." he place the phone down and stared down, tears began coming down his cheeks as his lip quivered.

The sun rised up in Gotham city that didn't look desolated anymore, it looked like it did before, dark and cold, everything looked like it did before, and everything was.

The End.

Pheromone Vixen
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