Tiger & Bunny OC

Name: Elizabeth Brooks (her last name was Lyle until she got married to Barnaby)
Hero Name: Black Lily (something opposite of Blue Rose)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2"
Eyes: Brown (original) green (contacts)
Hair: Black (dyed) Blonde (original)
Family: Christina Lyle (Mother) Eric Lyle (Father) Karina Lyle (twin sister) Barnaby (husband) Natsuki (son)
NEXT power: Mimic
Bio: Elizabeth was born in Sternbild city where she lives with her parents and sister. She was always the quiet one and kept to herself because of the powers she had because everyone made fun of her. when she was old enough she became a hero like her sister and worked at the same company she did Titan Industries and appeared on Hero TV and she never really got along with the producer Agnes.. She sometimes worked with her sister but other times she went alone. The one day she took off from work was when she first met her soon to be husband Barnaby Brooks Jr. He saved her from a few thugs that tried to steal from her. They soon started dating then about a year later they had a son named Natsuki and thats when she decided to retire from being a hero so she could stay home to take care of her son an become a good wife and mother.
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