March 27, 2014 at 2:30 pm

Hey, Today has been so crazy i have to say, kinda emotional. My mom had told me i coulnt be friends with one of my best friends anymore. She doesnt live to far from me, she only lives only two blocks away. Anyways i guess it was over duck tape, my mom asked my friend and i guess the message was sent back rude to her. The reason my mom was asking for duck tape was because someone had broke our car window. He (Moms old friend) said he didnt want to replace, so he replaced it with maxy glass or something. Any who it turned out to be alright at the end. My mom just had some stress, but the good thing is, we are closer as a family then yesterday. <3 I love my family alot and i would be willing to do anything for them. Bad theres only one bad part to this...... My phone is gone >.<.. Hopefully i can get it back soon. But i have to say, i rather be phoneless then to fight with family. Oh and i got to keep my best friend toooo <3 I was so happy to here that i can keep her, shes like my sis. One last thing............Do you like grapes??? heart