March 27, 2014 At 2:00am
Im off on my springbrake and ive been having a blast!! Ive also been going on gaia now more often and having a blast! This week i have been hanging out with my friend Brittany ( Her user name is itsBrittan8D), We have been doing all nighters lately and its been a blast!!! Also its so fun going to the store at 2am XD We went to pick up the ingredents to make doublty chocolate chip frappys, they were sooooo yummy!!!!! Also during my time off we've been doing challenges and putting them on youtube, its been alot of fun. We've been doing challenges like chubby bunny and mixing good and bad foods together. They're so much fun to watch. I like my time off but at the same sametime i dont, i like it cause im free!!!! I dontlikeit cause right now some of my frineds need me.........Anyways XD Also remember to be appropriate 1st we dont wanna know your penis size and 2nd we all just wanna be friends :3.... So hopefully you learned something^-^ And theres just one thing left to say.........Do you like apples??

Also!! One last thing always keep a promise to others