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"Aftermath." Part 1.

Three months passed.

Batman was on the ground, with wounds and burn marks all over his body, a strong light came was shining on him, and someone laughing, he opened his eyes a bit more and tried to see who was behind the light, he knew who it was, the person lifted up it's tentacle and sent a electric bolt against him, but it got stopped by a shadow, another person was standing infront of Batman, but he didn't see who it was, he passed out before he could see anything more.

Strong lights was shining down on Diana's body, she felt light, like she was flying, she was.
she opened her eyes and blinked a few times, then she began to look around as a mist came up infront of her, whispering to her. "Diana...Help us." it said as the mist began to clear up and the apperance of a large tall woman with long white hair and white sparkly sand was covering a bit of her body here and there as a striped pattern.
"Who are you!?" Diana finally said, her voice felt dry as she hasn't spoken for years, she didn't feel worried or scared, she felt safe. "What has..happened to me?"
"The hitchhiker, the demon spawn, the former higher being from your stomach controlled you, you've been away for quite some time now, and it is time for you to make it all right again." The tall woman said with a echoing voice. "Your earthly-plane body is in coma, but your 'very surrealistic' body is here, we've brought you here to stop her, to stop the one that is called Victoria."
"My god..I remember..those i've killed..manipulated, tortured, Why can't you bring me back before all this so I can stop it?..How did it begin?" Diana said, the questions as many, but she didn't want to waste any time.
"Victoria has put a block on going back, we can only send you back now and here, do you remember the demon that made you capable of handling those visions that you had?"
"Dalgium." Diana said and looked down a bit. "Wait, What do you mean had? I don't have them anymore?"
"You are not really alive, therefore you can't use everything you once had, all the powers you had, Dalgium made you a half-breed, half-demon, but it came with a price, it came with someone being on your back, a parasite, a hitchhiker, Victoria." the voice boomed from the tall woman's lips.
"I'm not really..alive..what happened to Batman?..and Brendan? and the others?" Diana said, now a bit worried.
"Batman is fighting a war together with the other heroines and heroes, Brendan is enslaved as the rest of the population."
"I..get it, Will you send me back? I have to see this, for myself." Diana said and clenched her hand into a fist.
The woman pointed her finger at her as Diana teleported her back to earth, back to what was called Gotham.
Diana landed in a rubble and got up, she climbed ontop of another rubble and saw what was left of Gotham, it didn't even look like it, but she was sure.
As it looked, the city was slightly in ruins, high tall towers were scattered around, standing tall and proud with black spikes coming out from them and electric green lights shooting down on them.
Large flying creatures were flying around the area to look for victims, and if they did, they would pick them up and fly them up to a tower, there was one tower that was taller and had more black spikes poking out from it, it was probably there Victoria was, Diana wasn't dumb, she knew.
"My god...where do I start?.." She said to herself as she heard fluttering of wings coming towards her, she saw one of the flying creature launching at her, but Diana dodged and backed into a destroyed car.
"Oh s**t!.." Diana shrieked as the creature decided to launch at her again, but a beam of yellow light hit the creature hard and it died.
"You got one!.." a voice said as Dr Fate came flying down and looked at Diana. "Are you okay?" he said and helped her up, behind him came Cyborg and Starfire that investigated to see if the creature was really dead. "Yeah..I am fine, what are those?.." Diana said and brushed some dirt off her shoulder.
"That was a Hunter, one of very many that will be heading our way." Fate said and looked at it, Cyborg peeked up behind his shoulder and raised an eyebrow. "Uhm, Fate, she's naked, we should take her to the base."
Diana looked down at her own body and shrieked again and started to cover up with her hands, Dr Fate pulled his cloak off and pulled it over her body for cover. "There, all better." Fate said. "Let's go!"
The four ran to the base and opened the secret hatch for it, when they got in, it all looked very familiar, it looked like the batcave, but bigger and better, people were running here and there and people injured and coughing.
"There will be some clothes in there, put them on and meet me out in the meeting hall when you are done." Fate said as Starfire and Cyborg followed him, Diana nodded a bit as she put on some new clothes, she had skintight black leather jeans, high black boots, a black bolero jacket, finger gloves and a dark red tanktop, she then walked over the the meeting hall, only to see her arch nemesis Slade aka Deathstroke.
Diana didn't hesitate but sent a flying kick that sent him flying into the stone wall, Fate grabbed her. "Control yourself! What has gotten into you?!" He yelled as Slade got up.
"Are you blind? That's Slade, he's a villain you stupid!" Diana said and struggled.
"It's okay Fate, she will understand when I explain to her, Diana, it's been awhile, the last thing I heard about you was that you were...in coma, but now you are alive, how is that?" he asked curiously.
"Long story short, I got a second chance, now tell me yours." Diana said while claming herself down as Fate let her go.
"Long story short, everyone is working together to stop the one and only, Victoria, the one that controlled your body, made you do horrible things.." Slade walked in circles around her like a lion. "and now you are here."
"Is this all true?" Starfire said and gasped a bit.
"Yes, it is all true." Diana said and looked down. "I am not really proud of it, but the higher beings gave me a second chance, and now it is up to me to defeat her, it is pretty much my destiny, or something.." Diana rolled her eyes but looked up.
Dr Fate thought for a moment. "Then you are the one that can do it then, you can reveal her."
"Reveal her?.."
Dr Fate nodded. "The stone shard of Ferunia, It is guarded by her, it contains alot of magic, it contains her secret, and it can set everything back into place."
"Why hasn't anyone tried to take it yet?" Diana said.
"Many has tried, Aquaman, Bane, Superman, and even Clayface, but they are all dead." Fate said.
"What about Batman?.." Diana asked worried.
"He's not dead, but he's gone missing, I don't know if Victoria has him kidnapped, no doubt about it." Slade said.
"May I ask how you know about the whole situation with me and Victoria if I may ask?" Diana said and made a angry face towards the older villain.
"Batman told me, he's changed alot since you last saw him, he's not the same, and how can you be, in a place like this." Slade said.
"Are there other bases like this? with...Zatanna, Harley, or some other heroes or...villains?" she asked.
"Yes, but most of the heroes and villains has been kidnapped and turned into one of Victoria's slaves."
Fate answered.
"Right, so where do I begin?.."
"At the first tower there is a key that you need to collect, but you need to beware of the danger that will be in this tower, Shockers and Banshees will be in these two towers, and they do not like uninvited guests."
"So we'll go in and fight them." Diana said.
"Yes, but you need to be carefu.."
"Yeah yeah yeah, I know, be careful, I am witty, not dumb."
"Very well, you will have Slade and another lady with green fingers, Poison Ivy." Fate said as Ivy appeared into the meeting hall, Poison Ivy looked pale, yet she had her beauty, and her hair was more orange than red, her black skintight outfit was still intact, together with the green leafs covering some of it. "You called?" Ivy said as she saw Diana and smiled a bit.
"Long time, no see." Ivy said and nodded.
"Let's go then." Slade said and picked his gun and gadget belt up.
"Hold on a second, I need to test something out." Diana said and went over to a wall, she threw a hard fist against it as the hand made a hole into the stone wall. "I still have my powers, great." Diana said and pulled her hand out.
They got out from the hatch and looked around to see if it was safe to get out, then they started to run towards the first tower, it was quite a bit since they had to take other ways because there was too much rubble in the way.
As they finally got up, they saw the big black gate to the first Tower, two creatures was standing infront that looked thin and tall on their bodies, they had black spikes coming out from their arms and wriggling tentacles from their heads, they also had black eyes and sharp razor teeth that was easily showned. "So how do we get through those?.." Diana said worried.
"I got an idea, I pulled this trick on Supergirl once, and it worked out fine." Ivy smirked and got out yellow seeds and blew them at the direction where the creatures were standing, the seeds planted onto their bodies and vines started to grow out from them, ensnaring them and even thicker vines got out from the seeds, covering them up with thick vines that didn't want to let them go.
"Fine work, now let's go." Slade said and ran past the two creatures that were busy with their problem, they entered the tower and looked around, there was black spikes everywhere, some of them had green electric lights coming out from them, Diana looked at the wall, and saw long arms and hands coming out, she didn't bother to ask what it was, but she was a bit worried.
As they started to go up the stairs, they finally reached the top of the towers, Diana saw the key, levitating in midair in the middle of the room. "It's a trap." Diana said as Ivy was gonna go and take it. "You see those spikes? if you take the key, they will trap you." she said. "We need another plan."
"How about mine this time?" Slade said and pulled out a grappling hook, the pointed it towards the key and shot at it, the hook grabbed the key successfully and pulled it towards them, the spikes came up as it left it's position and trapped the hook and the key in, but one of Ivy's wines pushed through the spikes and got the key out. "First one, one to go." Diana nodded as they all looked back to only hear the two creatures behind them that was guarding the gate, they didn't look happy, instead they looked at each other and pushed towards one another and emerged to a bigger creature, Slade ran at it and tried to throw a kick but got thrown back with a large fist, Ivy was across the room from them as she saw the creature coming closer to Diana and Slade, Ivy then lashed a hard vine at it and yelled. "No!..I am here, I am the one that threw the seeds, come and get me!....Run." Ivy whispered at the last word, Diana shook her head as Slade grabbed her and ran towards the exit, the door behind them shut tightly as Diana heard a scream, they both got out and safely hiding behind a car. "God damn it!..we need to save her!.." Diana yelled.
"Keep it down little girl, she is gone as the others are aswell, we need to do this you, YOU need to do this." Slade said and looked around to see if they were safe or not.
"Why me? Why do I always have to do everything?..I grew up to be a villain, just a villain, not to be this..huge matter of problems.." Diana sighed and looked down.
"I wanted to be many things, but I grew up to be a villain, and not just another villain, you make life what you want it to be, you make your own choices, noone else." Slade said and looked at her. "You are not just some villain, you are everything."
Diana looked up as she sheds a tear and smiled a bit. "Thank you."

At the tall tower, Victoria was sitting on her throne, holding a mist bubble in her hand as she saw Slade and Diana in it. "She's here." she stood up, she still had long black straight hair, and a long grey dress.
"I think I'll pay her a visit, afterall she's my mother." she smirked.
"Shall I tell her that you said hi?.." she turned her head and looked at a man that was topless, bruised, injured and had burnmarks all over his body, he looked up at her, it was Batman.

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