I guess this is the start of me keeping track of my day to day excursions. I don't do much now since it's my spring break. I would be out with my friends, but our spring breaks didn't match up.

I don't know what possessed me to pick DePaul. It's incredibly hard to make friends here. It's not even that I'm bad at talking to people (because I'm not!). We have a quarter system here, so I only have ten weeks to make friends in a class before I never see them in the same class again. It's very stressful!Going to college is important though. sticking it out for four years shouldn't be that difficult.

Becoming a youtuber is becoming a goal of mine. I want to be a let's player! The only thing that really sucks is that the gaming community now a days is so adverse to women. A couple of weeks ago, some asshats came up to me (while i was playing my 3ds) to accuse me of playing games to attract attention from boys! NEWSFLASH: nobody wants your attention! It's such a horrible feeling to know that I can't take part in the community because some little brat thinks I want his d**k!

I hear it's even worse in the comic division. I can't really speak to that since comics aren't really my thing, but my best friend refuses to go to conventions because of harassment by the people there.

The world is so wonky right now. I can't wait until this all calms down, and we can all play nicely with one another!

[shut up Jos]