*sigh* So much work and school. Ever since I started taking more interest in my classes, which isn't to say I did poorly in them, I've been more and more busy. The fun times of horseplay and teasing around has taken the back seat. This of course is expected. I lay here in bed, mostly nude as always, and think back on how things differed so heavily. Is this the feeling one gets when sensing....accomplishment? It's rather wonderful to say the least. The last time I ever felt this was way back when I was kid. My parents cheered as I kicked a goal in our little league game. As much as I know they love and care for me...I feel like those joyous moments are gone for good. My friends say that such things happen when one has their life focused on the unnecessary things in life....and the hard thing to swallow is...they're right. I never really got to bond with them much after the Junior High years. They're busy with work, I discovered that one certain feel-good energy. But...I shouldn't be too distraught of this. There are always the little pleasures in life. Things that make you feel good because they are good and have value. It will all pay off in the end. I'm sure of it. And so are they hehe
Tonight's quote:
"When one realizes the worthlessness of their grand pleasure, he or she is eager to scrape together all the little things of importance.Going from large, vain riches...to valuable cents and change" - Diana