Ray Zaver

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Ray Zavor is an ex marine. He is a demolition and a weapons expert.He is also an inventor of sorts. He was decommissioned after taking a few bullets for his fellow soilders. However during his time over seas he developed a special type of tech that resembles that of a steel wrist band. This wrist band has the ability to mechanically expand and open a portal to a special weapon storage unit called The Cache. The Cache allows him to pull man types of fire power from it.Anything from a pistol to a rocket launcher,and everything in between.It is a fact that he has some serious fire power at his disposal.

However......with such tech comes those who seek it.After Ray returned home to his family,a few months later he was contacted to meet with the person who ran The Helix Corperation.The Helix Corperation is a buisness that develops weapons for the military.The person who run's the Helix Corp. wanted that unique little bracelet of his and offered him compinsation should he hand it over.....Ray had thought about it......if he was to give something like The Cache over to the Helix corperation......all it would be used for is killing.....and Ray was done being a dog of the Military....so he respectfully declined......to say the least....The Chairman wasn't happy with his answer.Monts would go by,Ray found a job and started working and earning an honest living.....then one day.....when he returned home.....he found his 7 year old little girl....and his wife murdered in cold blood.......and who was behind it.......The Helix Corperation,a way of getting back at the ex marine for not handing over the tech....a big mistake on their part......Ray vowed that day that he'd bring the corperation down by what ever means were nescessary....he declared war on Helix...seeking revenge for the murder of his beloved wife and little girl.....Ray became a one man army. He also vowed that he wouldn't allow himself to die untill he completed his vendetta.

And now thats just what he's going to do. Ray has made Helix loose billions of dollars in damages and frankly he's got them on the run. Ray has been referred to as The Brown Man...when he carries out an operation he usually refers to himself as Mr. Rager due to the brutal fire power he uses when combating the Helix Corp and their goons.Ray looks very casual. He has short black unkempt hair,glasses,facial hair.He wears a brown jacket with jeans and sneakers. An average joe it would seem,the only thing he usually carries on him being his Pink Rpg with a Pinkie Pie sticker on the Rocket propelled gernade itself.

Personality wise. Ray has mastered keeping his activites under wraps,negating suspicion. He keeps Mr. Ray-ger and Ray seperate. Like a double life so to speak. Ray has a mysterious air about him but he is still kind and considerate.....unless you work for Helix that is. Ray has a love for roses and is an occasional flirt.He loves video games,and loves references to pop culture.Ray also has unbelievable luck on his side. He's been shot so many times he's lost count. Some should have been fatal but he's pulled through each time keeping his promise to his deceased family......Ray has tons of scars on his chest and stomach.....its not a pretty sight but to Ray....it's a constant reminder of what he's trying to accomplish.....